Study of Twitter Social Media Marketing Optimization Strategies Used by Agencies

Study of Twitter Social Media marketing optimization strategies and the third party applications used by agencies to achieve results for their clients.

Online PR News – 06-May-2010 – – Study of Twitter Social Media marketing optimization strategies and the third party applications used by SoMed agencies to achieve measurable results for their clients. Third party Twitter tracking and monitoring applications that help agencies optimize Social Media marketing campaigns before, during and after launch. Free third party Twitter applications that can help optimize visibility, viral marketing results and achieving actual views.

This study was performed by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet Marketing in effort to determine the effectiveness of Twitter and Facebook for businesses and online entrepreneurs. The original study took several months to complete. For additional information and resources relating to Twitter, Facebook and Social Media Optimization (SMO) visit the Irbtrax website here or attached below the 'Media' section of this release:

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The below list will first identify the strategy and benefits of using the application and then list a source that was found to be effective. The purpose of this portion of the study was to determine which third party applications used by Social Media marketing agencies were user friendly and effective. The applications listed below are not the only ones used by Social Media agencies. However, they are currently free and testing has shown they offer valuable marketing benefits.

Strategy: Use a Social Media network tracker to determine which social sharing and networking sites are currently most popular. Monitor which are trending up and which are trending down.


Strategy: Use a third party search directory to monitor and discover and take advantage of the latest opportunities, news and trends related to an industry or topic. An online search directory for Twitter.


Strategy: Use a third party Tweet tracking source to measure viral results. These services can generally measure the number of Re-Tweets the URL has received. How many times they have been viewed 'clicks'. And which users have Re-Tweeted them and are therefore interested in the content that was provided.


Strategy: Use a platform to manage multiple Twitter accounts as well as other social media platforms from one location to save time, effort and increase efficiency.


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This release was SEO, Social Media and Google Caffeine enhanced by Irbtrax using features offered by Online PR News. Irbtrax does not directly endorse the above third party applications and receives no monetary gain from listing them. There can be no guarantee of results or liability for use.

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