Dr. Linda Salvin Interviewed on Late Night Health Radio

Linda Salvin Ph.D. shares her knowledge and advice about health issues related to emotional trauma...the mind/body connection.

Online PR News – 16-February-2013 – New York, New York - 03,16.13 – Creston Media is pleased to announce that our client, world-renowned, Dr. Linda Salvin has made a guest appearance on “Late Night Health Radio" where she was interviewed by award-winning radio and television industry veteran Mark Alyn.

The show's guests represent the traditional, complementary and integrative health care fields making this a perfect venue for Dr. Salvin with her Masters in Public Health, experience in Epidemiology, the research backbone of traditional healthcare, and her background in Environmental Health. Dr. Salvin has also earned her Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

During her interview with Mark Alyn, Dr. Salvin shares her knowledge about natural healing, the mind/body connection, the relationship between emotional trauma that contributes to many health issues. and the therapeutic benefits of a positive approach to life.

This quote is a very concise explanation of Dr. Salvin's approach to health and wellness. She states, "I take the training in metaphysics, my public health and undergrad training to quickly dissect a problem and find the solution, prediction and an ability to resolve with hope and guidance. What I do is more than predicting love or business ventures. I am very detailed and very deep. We all have our own gifts but mine combine the scientific with the esoteric for a complete holistic experience depending on the client, questions and situation."

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About Dr. Linda Salvin

Linda received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Education from San Francisco State University in 1975 and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Public Health at the University of Michigan in 1977. She was ordained as a Doctor of Divinity in June, 1999. In June, 2008 Linda was awarded her Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

Dr Salvin received her psychic gifts following three near-death experiences in the '80s including a commercial airplane crash and a car accident with the white light experience.

After her tremendous accomplishments and radio success for 19 years as one of the original radio psychics to hit the airwaves starting in 1994 on KBIG 104 FM in Los Angeles, Dr Linda Salvin has been awarded her 3rd Be Real Broadcast Award from Los Angeles based Be Real Management. They represent independent talk show hosts and advertisers.

Dr. Salvin has not only earned her reputation as a top psychic and medium in the world, but her show has consistently drawn large audience response with up to 50 callers per show in a two-hour block. Because of her continued success on terrestrial and Internet stations, Be Real Broadcast has continued to recognize Dr. Salvin's talent as a broadcaster, and her unique ability to draw and hold an audience. She entertains, enlightens and challenges the listener where so many others in her area fail to compete.

Dr. Salvin is also a very talented writer so it's no surprise that In 2012, she was asked to be a chapter author for the book, Chopped Liver for the Family Spirit, an inspirational book of 52 stories compiled included with such celebrities as Shelly Berman, Peter Marshall and the late Lloyd Thaxton.

Chopped Liver for the Family Spirit contains Inspiring stories from successful authors. With stories contributed by nearly 50 authors. The book also contains the stories of everyday heroes who embrace the challenges, the chopped liver that life dishes out, and come out winners. These stories reflect courage, hope, and humor in the face of all experience...something that Dr. Salvin firmly believes in.

Dr. Salvin's shows are available 24/7 online. Visit at: http://www.lindasalvin.com/

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