Learn to Write , Speak and Understand Punjabi in 20 Hours - An Exciting New Book Releases Online

Learn Punjabi in 20 Hours – A Fascinating New book to learn Punjabi quickly and efficiently was launched online . This book will enable lakhs of people around the Globe to learn Punjabi in merely 20 hours if they know English .

Online PR News – 07-May-2010 – – A Revolutionary New book Learn Punjabi in 20 Hours was launched here for people around the globe to benefit . The Book is unique and the first of its kind in the sense that it enables anyone with a knowledge of English to learn Punjabi in a span of 20 hours . It might sound impossible but the book has been written after a lot of research and does an incredulous job of imparting the knowledge of Punjabi Language efficiently and smoothly . It teaches you to Write , Speak and Understand Punjabi the easy way and saves your time through thoughtfully designed chapters . It includes Exercises to Prepare you for Real Life Scenarios
The elegant Structure of this book allows it to be very effective . The Book is divided into four parts :

1. Part A : Preliminaries (Requires 2 Hours)
2. Part B : Vocabulary (Requires 6 Hours)
3. Part C : Grammar (Requires 8 Hours)
4. Part D : Conversation and Writing (Requires 4 Hours)

Learn Punjabi in 20 Hours starts with the basics of Punjabi Language in Part A where the alphabet and special signs of the language are introduced . Here you gain a mastery of the basic building blocks and learn how to weld them together to form simple words .

In Part B you will master the vocabulary i.e The Punjabi translation and representation of numbers , months , body parts , fruits , vegetables , flowers , animals and birds , colours and all basic terms that you need to form sentences for your conversation .
Part C is the grammar section which helps you master the rules and restrictions of the language in accordance with which the words are arranged in particular permutations and combinations to make sense to the reader and that define what is correct and incorrect in the Punjabi language .

Part D is the application part and most important of all because here you apply all that you have learnt in the previous three sections and test yourself in written and verbal communication . This is achieved through dialogue writing , story writing , letter writing , application writing and essay writing .

This is an excellent book for anyone willing to learn Punjabi easily and effectively . The book can be accessed online at http://www.jsks.co.in/learn_punjabi_20_hours.htm