Heaventree Candle Company Launches Odor Eliminating Product Line

The Heaventree Candle Company has come out with a new line of products called Fresh Home, which eliminates odors by using a compound called Ordenone.

Online PR News – 06-May-2010 – – Heaventree Candle Company has developed an odor eliminating group of products for use in the home, boat, car or RV. This new brand of products is called “Fresh Home.” Fresh Home uses a patented and tested compound called Ordenone to effectively eliminate certain odors. Ordenone is a natural water based odorless material that surrounds malodor molecules to permanently bind them within the Ordenone structure. After entrapment the odor molecule is no longer able to react with the odor-sensing receptor enzymes of the nasal sites. Since Ordenone is odorless, Fresh Home added Brazilian Orange, Wintergreen, Cinnamon and Vanilla fragrances to their formula. These fragrances leave a fresh smell wherever Fresh Home is used.

Fresh Home eliminates odors such as sulfides (rotten eggs), nitrogenous groups like amines and ammonium compounds (fishy or ammonia), and certain aldehydes and fatty acids (sweaty) that are a result of organic decomposition processes. These malodors in combination are what we commonly refer to as bathroom odors, garbage odors, pet odors, foot and body odors and cooking odors such as fishy, onion, and garlic. Fresh Home has also been shown to be effective in counteracting smoke odors.

Most odor neutralizing products use sprays or liquids. Fresh Home found a way to put Ordenone in wax without compromising the integrity of the material which is volatilized under the heated conditions of the burn pool. Fresh Home candles are made with all natural ingredients including soy and vegetable waxes. If you want to control odors in the kitchen, Fresh Home has a 3” x 4” pillar. Bathroom odors can be eliminated with one of their 2 oz glass votive candles. For larger rooms use their three wick 10 oz wax filled glass bowl and when you travel they have an 8 oz tin for that musty hotel room. Fresh Home is also available in 2 and 6 oz room sprays and for a continuous 24 hours a day odor control they have an 8oz reed diffuser that last’s up to 60 days.

Fresh Home has extensive test data on Ordenone available for review based on qualitative panel studies as well as quantitative data obtained through both independent and in-house testing via GC/MS and headspace analysis.

To view the Fresh Home product line, visit our Fresh Home section on our website.