Ray Crockrel Tackles Some Benefits Of Education And Common Sense

‘What’s Up With The Brothers?’, by Ray Crockrel, hit the book market April 30, 2010.

Online PR News – 06-May-2010 – – Ray is the CEO and President of Brown Eyes Graphic Communications LLC, a multimedia company dedicated to presenting a positive image to better serve people of color and the world. By presenting the best in visual and other multimedia presentations, Ray’s objective is to have a positive influence on future generations.

‘What’s Up With The Brothers?’ a non-fiction book, is designed to open a channel of awareness and understanding as to how men of color face many myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes that undermine social growth and shadow strengths. While the book reveals issues faced by many men of color, several topics translate to men of all races, cultures, beliefs, etc. Not only does Ray document social issues, using personal experiences and those of other males, he suggests ways to obliterate some of the issues using education and common sense. Many are calling ‘What’s Up With The Brothers?’ a coffee-table book. While you may not agree with all of the book’s content, you will surely relate to many of the stories and suggested remedial actions to rise above adversity and claim one’s calling in life.

Take an in-depth look into the minds of several men, and unlock the mystery as to how they think and feel about: marriage, religion, sexuality, and their egos in addition to other subjects. Expose yourself to what makes them think, what angers them, their behavior, and what they can do to improve themselves. Find out things you did not know and get answers to unanswered questions about their behavior.

“I am your grandfather. I am your father and your brother or your son. I am your nephew or your cousin. I am your best friend. I am your godson or your godfather. I am a student or the boy next-door. I am the man who lives up the street or your teacher. I am your husband. I am your coworker or your boss as well as a person of interest. I am very misunderstood and often times misrepresented along with being feared, based on false accusations and stereotypes. I desire to rise and seek new horizons that will provide me with the avenues needed to achieve my dreams, as with any man. I live in a country where the odds are not even, but, somehow, I managed to survive beyond all obstacles placed in my way as I journey down the road of life and reality…

Reality, unlike a Hollywood movie, is not scripted but more so improvised and the dialogue changes constantly as well as the plot. But like a Hollywood movie, reality has a list of its characters, the good the bad and the ugly. There are villains, heroes and supporting actors along with an astronomical amount of extras to fill in the needed spaces. If I were to define my role or character in this real-life movie that we live in, would it be a villain a hero or a supporting character or would I be just one of the extras filling in space? Being that I have not been given a script nor assigned a character role, I guess I'll have to improvise. At this point in life, you would think that I would have landed a leading role, given that society considers me an extra. At this point in life, I feel that I have played an extra long enough and should now assume the status of a leading man, with a phenomenal role in life’s movie. Although I have auditioned countless times I have yet to land a leading role. I have taken all of the classes and I have followed all of the rules but yet, somehow my role does not change…”

ISBN# 978-1607431817
$22.95 USA || $34.95 CAN || 416 PAGES
RELEASE DATE: April 30, 2010 || Coming To: Amazon.com and many retail outlets