Bucks County Siding Company Offers Tips for Sustainable Home Renovations

From additions to remodels, Bucks County siding and home improvement company updates homes while lowering carbon footprints.

Online PR News – 13-February-2013 – LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA – LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA - It's becoming evident that the "green movement" isn't a passing craze, as many homeowners are choosing eco-friendly options that span beyond curbside recycling and cloth grocery bags and into the home building industry.

Heller Building and Remodeling, a Bucks County siding company, offers a variety of sustainable options when it comes to building and additions to homes in Montgomery County and beyond. From lower utility bills to a smaller carbon footprint, the benefits of an earth-friendly home are numerous. Heller offers these tips:

1) Recycled products
When considering making additions to a home, opt to use recycled lumber products such as paint-grade trimwork made from recycled wood, bamboo, tile and engineered hardwood floors. Heller also offers insulation manufactured from recycled materials. In fact, aspects of most projects can be completed with recycled, energy-efficient products, from the rough framing in a basement to the kitchen appliances.

2) Recyclable materials
When recycled products are not available, recyclable materials are a good alternative, including recyclable aluminum siding and roofing materials. A housewrap can also be installed under new siding to reduce air infiltration, making a home even more energy efficient. Heller always uses maximum insulation and they also offer a closed-cell, spray-foam insulation that provides optimum temperature regulation. In addition, they recycle everything, including old shingles and vinyl siding, so leftovers don't end up in a landfill.

3) Light colors for exterior
Consider the heat-reflecting properties offered by cool, pastel colors when selecting materials for a home's exterior. Selecting cool tones for siding, roofing and paint can be instrumental in reflecting heat and maintaining cooler indoor temperatures on a sunny day. And lighter colors make tiny homes look bigger.

4) Windows
Maximize energy savings with specialty windows designed for sustainability. Heller offers airtight double-pane windows made with a heat-resistant (low-E) glass coating and containing argon gas to boost thermal performance without obstructing the view. These sophisticated windows do a great job of keeping out undesirable elements.

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