Global Launch of Brildiapers Prime - The World's Best Baby Diapers?

Bril has announced its Global launch of Brildiapers Prime; its ultra-thin, feather-light, highly breathable baby diaper that is arguably the World's Best Baby Diaper.

Online PR News – 13-February-2013 – Bangalore, KA – The moment a person looks at and feels Brildiapers Prime they will notice the love, affection and care that has gone into making them. The fundamental and most important differentiator is that Brildiapers are manufactured by caring parents- a family-owned business. While there are faceless MNCs who churn out baby diapers just for profit, Brildiapers come from a small but very successful family-owned business, Bril in India. Brildiapers Prime has been created after a long personal quest for perfection. These premium diapers are a result of a personal story and hence have a personal touch, as opposed to the several other brands that you see in the market. Bril's Managing Partner Jayaram Rajaram and his wife literally searched every possible shop online and offline for thin, breathable diapers for their son. They only found one brand in the United States that just about fit their requirements for their baby's sensitive skin.

If my son had to wear them I had to create the World’s Best Diapers

Still not satisfied, this made Jayaram and his team at Bril begin their research & search, to find a diaper factory that could learn from their first-hand consumer insights to produce Brildiapers; a diaper that would really feel like cloth and protect a baby’s sensitive skin; a diaper that wouldn’t leak for a long time and is so thin and light that babies would hardly feel them and keep them 100% rash-proof for hours on end. Basically they set out on a mission to make 'The World's Best Baby Diaper.' The result was Brildiapers 'Prime'- diapers made from the finest, hand-picked raw materials from Germany and USA. These diapers are even more unique as they are truly global in nature as they are designed in India, manufactured in a state-of-the-art ultra-hygienic factory in China and are made using the best possible raw materials from USA and Germany.

Another interesting fact is that Jayaram has personally tried on almost every brand of baby diaper before coming to the conclusion that most baby diapers are unfit to provide comfort for sensitive baby skin. "I encourage parents to try on or place the diapers they buy on their skin and they’ll know why Brildiapers Prime wins hands-down over any other brand in the market!," said Jayaram.

"If my son had to wear them, I had to create the World's Best Diapers and that’s what we have done. I am happy that these diapers are Making Living Fun for babies and discerning parents like my wife and me world over now,” signed off Jayaram.

Brildiapers Prime now ships worldwide following the international launch.

Brildiapers Prime can be purchased on Bril's official website for international shipping.

Bril is a leading family-owned business with a 50-year heritage in high-quality baby and children products manufacturing. Bril's mantra is to Make Living Fun for parents, children and people world over.

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