Express Cleaning Supplies The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Quick Dry Carpet Cleaner

One of the leading and most well known carpet cleaning products available on the market at the moment are the Rug Doctor range of products. Express Cleaning Supplies are proud to be stocking both the Mighty Pro and Wide Track Rug Doctor carpet cleaners.

Online PR News – 13-February-2013 – Aylesford, Kent, UK – Express Cleaning Supplies is pleased to promote the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro quick drying carpet cleaner. This cleaner is capable of cleaning carpets and upholstery and even certain large curtains to a highly professional standard. This is a superb piece of equipment and has been developed by Rug Doctor from very many years experience and will deal with almost any eventuality. Express Cleaning Supllies realise that there is a market where cleanliness is vitally important for health and appearance of the company and its users and the use of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Quick Carpet Cleaner can greatly reduce these problems.

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro can be used anywhere that carpets are used but it is particularly useful where there is a regular requirement for carpets to be kept clean and spotless. Express Cleaning Supplies promotes the usage of the Mighty Pro as it has the advantage of being able to be used by in-house staff and therefore is always available whenever there is a problem or last minute requirement for cleaning. The hotel and catering trade have a regular requirement for carpet cleaning firstly because of the high footfall of its customers who come straight from the outside streets in wet and dirty weather and secondly wherever there is food and catering services there will be food and drink spillages which require urgent attention. Express Cleaning Supplies realise that the professional carpet cleaner has a vital and important part to play but there are many businesses which require almost instant access to a good carpet cleaning machine and the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro gives that availability and there are thousands of Mighty Pro Carpet cleaners in the professional arena.

The Mighty Pro has a great advantage that the system allows a one pass cleaning system, which makes the cleaning quick and effective. The system does of course wet the carpet and requires a two hour drying cycle but this can be accommodated in a hotel overnight or in a catering establishment between meals or overnight. The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro also has a quick drying cycle to aid the businesses that demand almost continuous access to the rooms concerned. Express Cleaning Supplies notes that the same system can be used on upholstery and the machine comes with a 12 foot flexible tube to give the operator complete movement when working.

There will always be a requirement for above average cleaning and the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro has a deep cleaning cycle for such an occasion. There is also a versatility of operation that enables other more difficult problems to be removed by the use of different solutions and techniques. Express Cleaning Supplies recommend the simplicity of the operation of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro and it is a great piece of equipment for places like care homes and residential hospitals where people want some home comforts but require a great deal of cleanliness as these places combine the problems of an hotel and those of the catering trade.

Express Cleaning Supplies will be pleased to answer any queries and give advice on the requirements and usage of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro.

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