UPES introduces first ever Master of Design (M.Des.) program

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) has been the preferred institute for students and corporate in the Transportation sector.

Online PR News – 13-February-2013 – New Delhi – The rapid growth of transportation industry in India has triggered the need for a systemic, advanced and revolutionary model for transportation. Owing to this critical need, the focus of the country has been on advanced transportation design which will meet the current and future needs of the transportation industry. A plethora of international automobile manufacturers have set up their manufacturing units in different parts of the country. Combining the current trend of automobile growth and the growing transportation industry, transportation design centres development is imminent. Large international auto companies have already set up their design centres in the country.
The big challenge that lies ahead is a combination of increasing number of vehicles on the road, environmental ill-effects, effects on the human body and economic viability. The future of transportation design hinges on the fact that every design should comfortably manage to address the big challenge mentioned earlier. Design specialists for transportation who understand the country’s geographical variations, ever-increasing population, increasing demand for private and public transportation & urbanization will become critical in the future.
A new breed of transportation designers who understand these challenges can tackle the problems of the transportation industry. The need for transport of goods and human beings is increasing every day. Private and public transportation systems in the country have a lot of scope for improvement. Better ergonomically designed vehicles with aesthetic looks and modest performance can contribute a lot to the current transportation system of the country.
Stringent laws in the automotive sector have encouraged national and international automobile manufacturers to stress on the importance of advanced and balanced designs. Their research and development functions have started addressing the design challenges. Safety and environmental issues have become a major priority while working on smarter designs for transportation.
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) has been the preferred institute for students and corporate in the Transportation sector. The institute offers highly focused transportation sector programs across Aviation & Aerospace, Port & Shipping and Automotive Sector. To address the growing need of design specialists for the transportation sector, UPES has now introduced the first ever Master of Design (M.Des.) program in the country. The program is an interdisciplinary course which deals with fundamentals of design with special emphasis on transportation systems design. The intensely-designed curriculum, industry interactions and global exposure are designed to make the students into highly competent designers ready for the industry and its challenges.