WebDirexion LLC offers comprehensive content marketing course to boost website visibility

WordPress Content Marketing Power is a new online course for Developers, Designers, Business Owners, and Marketing Communications professionals who wish to understand how to combine Content Marketing Principles with advanced tactics.

Online PR News – 13-February-2013 – Vancouver,Washington – Vancouver,Washington - A new online course, led by Scott Frangos, President of Webdirexion and LLC, features over 5 hours of content, 3 guest lecturers and a skill certificate upon successful completion has been launched this February, after review and adjustments to course curriculum. Frangos is a seasoned college level instructor, lecturer, WordPress developer and career marketing communications professional. The comprehensive course designed by him assists in the understanding of principles, strategies and techniques to practice content marketing on WordPress websites. The attendees of the course will learn how to engage the website visitors and turn them into prospective leads.
The course covers little known WordPress features and strategies that contribute to the overall improvement of the website traffic. With a one time payment, the students receive access to the study materials for as long as they need. They can view and review this information repeatedly. The students can question their instructor, if required.
Scott Frangos, President of Webdirexion and Instructor for the course said "This is the course I would have wanted when I began developing and marketing with WordPress eight years ago." The lack of any materials to deal with these topics led to the development of the content marketing course. The students can learn the SEO tactics and how to use them in WordPress.

This internet marketing training will bring a competitive edge for marketers, communication professionals and designers. The course module comprise of five hours of video content. It also comes with PDF articles, content management plugin tactics and quizzes to test the understanding of the course material. The questions and answers with Scott is a noticeable feature of the venture. The students who successfully complete the quiz will receive a course certificate.

As there is no expiration date for the course, students may go through it at their preferred pace. This makes it ideal for the busy professionals. And, the course materials are constantly updated based on the student interaction -- Mr. Frangos is happy to answer the queries of the learners. Frangos recommends completing an average of one section per week. CollegeOfMarketingPros.org, a division of Webdirexion LLC administers the quiz and certificate part of the course which is another advantage for professionals wishing to show a new skill and competence on their resume.
The course is delivered via the Udemy.com platform and Udemy.com offers a thirty day money back guarantee. Visit HYPERLINK "http://webdirexion.com/class" http://webdirexion.com/class for information on the course and an introductory discount.