Market Potential and Future Growth Prospects of ICT sector in Middle East

a new report on "Middle East ICT Market Analysis" which gives the government investment for expanding the growth of ICT sector in Middle East.

Online PR News – 05-May-2010 – – Middle East ICT Market Analysis

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have emerged as the potential sector in the Middle East region. Sustainable growth in the ICT sector has backed economic progress and provides strong platform for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SME’s have expanded their business internationally and invested heavily on advanced technologies. Pouring of investment by SMEs in innovative and sophisticated technologies has contributed significantly to the expansion of Middle East (ME) ICT sector. ( )

Our new research report “Middle East ICT Market Analysis” has found that government support plays a critical role in the development of ME ICT sector. Governments of Middle Eastern countries are recognizing the need of ICT sector for the overall economic growth and to reduce their dependency on oil. These governments are investing a huge amount of money to develop mobile, fixed and Internet networks. Besides, they have liberalized the ICT sector to encourage the private sector for more investments.

The report has further revealed that there are various untapped areas in the ICT market, like 3G and WiMAX. Demand for 3G and WiMAX has been consistently rising on the back of tech savvy young population and better services. With rapid growth in the ICT sector, the penetration rate of mobiles in most of the countries has crossed 100% which forced operators to launch advanced services such as 3G to enhance their revenue. Moreover, the demand for electronic security products has also surged in the region. Most of the countries are spending more than half of the total IT spending on security software products. Along with the development of IT security industry, IT outsourcing is also creating a pool of opportunities for the global IT giants to expand their business operations.

Our research report has critically evaluated the factors responsible for the growth of Middle East ICT market, with focus on present and past market trends. The report has also taken into account the forces which can interrupt growth in the ICT sector development. Some of the major countries covered in the report include - UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Oman, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and Iran.

The report gives detailed country-wise analysis of the ICT market by studying it in terms of mobile subscribers, fixed telephone line subscribers, Internet subscribers and broadband subscribers. It contains a section of market drivers that help clients understand the market potential and future growth prospects of the ICT sector.

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