International Career Institute Launches Online Distance Learning Education Program

Developed by experienced professionals- the ICI online distance learning education program promises to equip students with skills required to face the challenges of the workspace and in various spheres of their careers. This is aimed at boosting education in lucrative fields and careers of students who need further knowledge and accreditation.

Online PR News – 05-May-2010 – – Sydney, May 4, 2010- International Career Institute or ICI launches distance learning programs in a variety of subjects including Floristry, Event Management and Business Management. Using experienced industry based faculty and the latest resources in particular fields, the ICI delivers over 100 exciting career and lifestyle focused courses to a broad range of people and businesses worldwide.

The distance learning education programs at ICI will help prospective students realize their dreams in perhaps as little time as a few months. The distance learning programs will also prepare students to face the daily challenges normally associated with jobs and the competitive edge needed to secure the best positions in firms across a variety of sectors.

The ICI has, to its credit the International Association of Private Career Colleges accreditation and has been certified to have met international standard benchmarks in areas of course-content, course delivery, student assessment, administration and tutorial facilities. The ICI online distance education course is supported by experienced professionals at their fields from various countries and backgrounds. The courses have been developed in cooperation with Government education agencies and expert industry representatives. With a mission statement of imparting “real skills for the real world”, the ICI is the best guide to ambitious students who want to make a mark in the commercial world without having to spend several thousand dollars and several years to learn the field.

The online distance learning programs cover conventional courses such as Business Management, Retail Management, Frontline Management, E- Business, Import and Export, Human Resources, Marketing, Advertising, Sports Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism to offbeat courses such as Book Keeping, Counseling and Psychology, Wedding Planning, Event Management, Jewelry Designing, Landscaping and Floristry.

The online distance learning education program at ICI lets students study at their own pace and at their own convenience. It doesn’t put unnecessary pressures of routine work on the students like conventional education systems do. As well, special teacher-student interaction sessions are arranged over the Internet whereby students can put their doubts arising from daily lessons to rest. Gone are the days when one had to sink into the back-benches feeling left behind from what’s being taught in the class. Study at will, study at leisure is all made possible by online distance education, and in addition, for shorter time and lesser money! Virtual classrooms help students to interact directly with their teachers and other fellow students without having to move an inch from their sofas! The ICI makes it possible every single day through skillfully crafted e-learning programs. For more information on boosting your career online visit