Oklahoma Guardian's Handbook to Swimming Safety Published by Pool Barrier of Oklahoma

Pool Barrier of Oklahoma Releases Free Pamphlet for Oklahoman Families About Pool Safety.

Online PR News – 05-May-2010 – – Edmond, Okla. - As outlined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 350 boys and girls under the age of 5 drown annually in personal pools while as much as 5,000 more are put in the hospital because of drowning-related mishaps. Sadly, in Oklahoma all alone, near 20 die each year in swimming connected accidents.

Pool Barrier of Oklahoma this afternoon announced it is giving a cost-free downloadable brochure titled "Pool Safety Tips for Oklahoma Families" on its web site. The guide consists of facts, stats and guidelines pertaining to personal pool safety. Concerned parents may get the free guide by visiting http://poolbarrierofoklahoma.com and clicking on the "Free Pamphlet" button at the bottom of the homepage.

Marty Holland, president of Pool Barrier of Oklahoma, said the firm decided to release the brochure right away with summer months coming soon.

"The months of May, June and July are the peak season for drowning accidents through the entire USA," said Holland. "Our organization needed to get this information and facts out to the public in a timely manner so people would be taking into account pool safe practices as they get their pools primed for the Oklahoma summer."

A number of the tips included in the pamphlet include things like making certain there is close guidance at any time boys and girls are near a swimming pool, using secure fencing around backyard private pools with securing gates and having entrance sensors on outside doors so folks are fully aware when their children play outside.

Holland said employing a pool safety containment system that can't be crawled under, crawled through or climbed is vital for parents with young ones.

"Truth be told 3 out of 4 drownings of small kids take place while the child is out of a parent's sight for under 5 minutes," said Holland. "This is why it is highly recommended to confirm you have the pool adequately blocked where boys and girls cannot get any where near it if they happen to sneak outside the house with out their parent's knowledge."

About Pool Barrier of Oklahoma

Pool Barrier of Oklahoma is Oklahoma’s Certified Dealer for Swimming pool Barrier™ (pool fence, removable fence, safety fence), a leading developer of quality kid-resistant pool barrier since 1990. Pool Barrier™ is one of America’s largest pool safety fence manufacturers. Just about anywhere there happens to be residential pool, you’ll find a Pool Barrier™ child safety fence. To learn more, check-out www.PoolBarrierofOklahoma.com or call 405-348-4114 right now.

About Marty Holland

Holland, a former Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI) is well aware of the hardship a child drowning can cause a family and a community. Her close up and personalized experience has led to a firm belief in pool safety for grown persons and young ones, not just around the pool but in the pool. She knows Pool BarrierTM to be the most professional and educated firm regarding the making of their products and their beliefs toward child and adult safety in and around pools.