eAgeTutor Launches 'IELTS Program' - Enabling IELTS Training Online
13 February 2013
eAgeTutor.com, the pioneer in designing well-rounded and interactive online Spoken English courses, has announced the launch of an online eAge IELTS Program. Passing an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is mandatory for students who want to enroll in reputed universities and go for higher education abroad. IELTS score is also important for professionals, such as medical doctors, who want to study/practice in an English-speaking country. Realizing the high stakes for IELTS test-takers, eAgeTutor has started the IELTS Training program to help them improve their overall IELTS band, and attain success at one go. The eAge IELTS Program operates through a virtual classroom, comprising of a small group of students and honed by expert IELTS Trainers. Key features of the program are: • Voice-enabled online tutoring sessions • Convenience to schedule sessions • Customized one-on-one tutoring facility available • Expert IELTS Trainers Announcing the eAge High Score IELTS Program, Chander Madan, CEO of eAgeTutor.com said, “This is a novel program that begins with a free eAge Diagnostic Test, which enables us to design a customized, step-by-step learning program for a student based on his/her knowledge and needs. During the sessions, an online IELTS preparatory tutor shall use a number of tools and practice exercises, such as role plays, listening exercises, reading practice, writing modules, vocabulary building exercises, speaking sessions, to connect the program with day to day situations.” “Our experienced tutors will provide one-on-one tutoring to help students crack the IELTS TEST at one go. We are confident that our IELTS coaching will help many individuals fulfill their dream of higher studies/high paying job abroad.” eAgeTutor houses a team of highly-qualified and experienced teachers (including international faculty from America). The online tutor also offers the expanded eAge Improve English Program to students’ world over, which helps students to improve their English conversation skills, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and eventually, fluency. About eAgeTutor: eAgeTutor is one of the fastest growing providers of online English speaking programs in India. Besides offering its programs via the Internet, the company also provides spoken English tutoring via the telephone to reach a much wider audience. eAgeTutor is an eLearning service with a vision: to harness the latest generation of technologies to deliver education of the highest quality to the widest range of students at affordable prices. Using materials developed by highly qualified educators and leading content developers, a team of top-notch software experts and a group of passionate educators, eAgeTutor provides individualized educational attention to students in a safe online environment. eAgeTutor eliminates the need for physical tutorial attendance while delivering guaranteed professional tutorials directly to motivated students. Media contact details: Deepti Suneja eAgeTutor, Mobile Number: +91 9811584287, Email Id: Deepti.suneja@eageyouth.com