Leading Social Media Expert, Kim Garst, Launches 'Business Blast- Off' Coaching Program
11 February 2013
Social media expert Kim Garst, owner of internationally acclaimed kimgarst.com, a company focused on helping clients learn social media strategies and other marketing tactics to propel their business brand, has recently announced her new coaching system. The program, entitled "Business Blast-Off" is a comprehensive business building approach that offers clients both online and offline strategies to help them start or grow their business and brand in today's competitive marketplace. When asked about "Business Blast-Off," Garst noted: "I am beyond excited to announce our new 'Business Blast-Off' coaching program. There are so many programs out there claiming to be run by business "experts" that have little to no hands on business experience! In my over 20 years of experience, I have successfully started and grown multiple companies, so I know firsthand the obstacles that entrepreneurs face, no matter what their chosen industry or niche. I want people to know that, despite the pending challenges, there truly has never been a better time to start or grow a business - and 'Business Blast-Off' can help. This program offers users proven, practical and actionable techniques and strategies from a team of entrepreneurial experts to help anyone successfully grown their brand (http://kimgarst.com/)," Garst said. The 'Business Blast-Off' begins on February 4, 2013 and offers participants an extensive range of resources and tools to ensure successful application in real life business situations. Students of the program will have access to: • Consistent coaching support • Step-by-step online "how-to's" • Mindset mentoring • Detailed case studies • Subject based webinars to further enhance lesson plans • Weekly phone access to entrepreneurial coaches throughout the program • Online community for around the clock networking and support As part of the program kickoff, Garst also announced one winner who will receive the entire "Business Blast-Off" coaching system for free. The recipient, Heather Reid, will begin the program as it launches on February 4th. According to Garst, Reid will have plenty of company in the virtual classroom. "We've already seen a huge enrollment demand and we expect for that number to keep rising as the launch date gets closer. For anyone who has ever dreamed of running their own business, this seminar is the perfect way to make that vision a reality, one manageable step at a time. We even offer payment options to make this program as accessible as possible. To register, visit our website today at http://kimgarst.com/blastoff/," Garst said.