Baby Insights Day Tracker™ Helps Parents Manage their Kids’ Food Allergies

Babble Soft™ released new features to help parents track solid foods and allergies. Starting solids with babies is a major milestone but can also be problematic as new foods can uncovering food allergy problems. This site enhancement helps parents track how much and which foods baby eats as way to uncover and manage possible food allergies.

Online PR News – 05-May-2010 – – WESTERVILLE, OH (May 4, 2010) – Announced today, Babble Soft™ has updated its Baby Insights Day Tracker to include the new solid food and allergy tracker. With food allergies in children on the rise, this site enhancement helps parents uncover and manage their baby’s food allergies. Baby Insights Day Tracker is available to parents at

“By daily tracking of baby’s food intake, and mom’s intake if she’s breastfeeding, parents can play an active role in identifying and managing food allergens,” says Nicole Johnson, CEO of Babble Soft. “It’s important that parents be aware of allergy symptoms since young children may not be able to articulate how they feel after eating a certain food. Our site brings it all together with easy access.”

The Baby Insights Day Tracker helps parents stay on top of their baby’s health and communicate more productively with doctors and caregivers. With round-the-clock web and mobile access to this central tracking site, parents can log baby’s and mom’s daily food intake and reactions, plus other important schedule and milestone information. Parents can also access a summary analysis which is useful in reviewing and sharing the information.

Recent studies in the journal Pediatrics indicate that approximately 4% of kids have food allergies and self-reported food allergies increased 18% between 1997 and 2007.

A child can have a food allergy or sensitivity to any food, but the most common are wheat, eggs, soy, fish, milk and tree nuts. Severe symptoms can include hives, wheezing and swelling within 2 minutes to 2 hours. Less severe symptoms might include eczema, vomiting or diarrhea, runny nose and mood changes, night waking, frequent diaper rash or frequent spitting up.

About Babble Soft™

Babble Soft specializes in interactive online software and tools to help parent track their baby’s important activities and developmental milestones. Through its Baby Insights Day Tracker™, countless parents have been able to track breastfeeding and bottle-feeding schedules, solids, sleep periods, medication dosages, immunizations and diaper changes, making for an organized mom and happy baby.