NPDrugs Now Featuring Unbiased No Prescription Pharmacy Reviews

Consumers seeking medications online can now shop confidently at NPDrugs. After providing years of online pharmacy reviews for no prescription drugs, NPDrugs has established itself as the trusted authority for Internet shoppers.

Online PR News – 21-July-2009 – – Austin, TX – With the increasing costs of prescription drugs, and unemployment on the rise more and more consumers are turning to the Internet for discounted no prescription medications. Safety and privacy are among the top concerns online shoppers face when purchasing no prescription drugs from online pharmacies. aims to put an end to the anonymity the Internet has given these pharmacies by locating, reviewing, and rating pharmacies and drug vendors online.

Drugstores that are known scams, or send fake medications, are blacklisted and made known to the public. Providers who have proven trustworthy are placed on an approved pharmacy page, allowing consumers access to them. NPDrugs has also implemented a user review process; where customers of a pharmacy can provide their order details and place personal reviews online for the world to read. The need for such a website is a long established one, and NPDrugs has identified that need and filled it.

Videos are surfacing all over the web from people who found and used Something special about NPDrugs is how they have taken a leadership role in helping consumers. Not only are they providing a stage to consumers to voice their opinion, but have gone a step further by providing valuable tips and articles.

NPDrugs articles encompass related topics; “How to spot a fake online pharmacy” and “Testing a Pharmacies Legitimacy Before Ordering”, are two example of the type of help provided. No longer are no prescription drug seekers alone, NPDrugs has cornered the market, and in a short time as established itself as an authority amongst drug buyers in the online pharmacy world. is a free resource, no email address or paid membership is required to use the resources provided. What a nice change to see a website gaining popularity for creating a safe environment for consumers, rather than forcing pop-up’s and sending spam. We recommend before searching out no prescription pharmacies, visit The articles alone will ensure your money is spent wisely. For more information visit

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