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Bharatbook added a new report on "Mobile Network Sharing Report 2010-2015 - Developments, Analysis & Forecasts" which gives the benefits associated with network sharing.

Online PR News – 04-May-2010 – – Mobile Network Sharing Report 2010-2015 - Developments, Analysis & Forecasts

Changes in data demand growth and availability of new technologies like LTE is having implications on the telecom industry’s structure, competition and sources of competitive advantage. In addition, due to increasing competition, network operators are witnessing faltering profit margins. Service revenue growth is expected to be less than 1.2% up until 2014. In such harsh economic conditions, operators are now increasingly looking for innovative ways to increase operating profits, reduce their total cost of ownership and create shareholder value. In order to achieve the above objectives, many in the industry believe that operators should master the value discipline of "operational excellence" by embarking on a network sharing strategy. ( )

Network sharing is an approach where two or more competitor network operators share their network resources. The degree and method of sharing can vary from country to country depending on regulatory and competitive landscapes. Co-operation in the form of network sharing or infrastructure sharing brings a ray of hope for operators who want to continue to remain dominant market players. Sharing strategies work on game theory idea of identifying when the outcome of co-operation is actually better than the one of sustaining direct rivalry.

The prime objectives of network sharing must not only be to realise Capex and OpEx savings but also to offer highest level of network quality to the customers of all sharing partners. Network sharing by no means should lead to deterioration of network quality. Only then can operators retain their customers and provide differentiated services. Operators are aware that infrastructure sharing offers opportunity for product innovation and improved customer services. Around 70% of operators have used sharing to their advantage in forms such as site sharing, co-location and national roaming in the liberalised and emerging markets. However, advanced sharing concepts are now emerging and operators must take benefits of the new CapEx/OpEx saving opportunities.

This exclusive report offers operators a clear understanding of, and clarity around, what network sharing represents. Operators should not just take a fragmented view, they should take into consideration the overall business needs and cost structures while defining their network sharing strategies.

This exclusive management report provides:
• A framework for operators to identify objectives and strategies for designing their network sharing strategies; and
• A detailed roadmap for operators considering network sharing.

Active network sharing is gaining importance in the telecom industry. By the end of 2009, many new sharing deals were signed. The newer deals being signed across the globe are larger than previous deals in terms of network size, scope and number of subscribers involved. However, sharing is a new concept and requires significant due diligence.

What questions does the report answer?

This report will answer the following questions:
• What are the market drivers? What are the current problems faced by operators that network sharing can help minimise?
• What are the benefits associated with network sharing?
• Is network sharing as a concept working?
• How is the speed of problem resolution achieved with network sharing?
• Which operators have adopted network sharing?
• What is the market opportunity in network sharing for vendors?
• What are the implications for operators who embrace network sharing and how does affect their position on the value chain?
• What are the benefits, challenges and barriers? Are there any negatives to be considered when embracing network sharing?

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