EasyIME.com – Streamlining Immigration Medical Exam

Online Referrals and Administrative services for total immigration community applicants, doctors and lawyers

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Stamford, CT – ESMSYS, LLC has launched immigration services on web with URL www.easyIME.com. By Using this website the Immigration Medical Exam process made easy for a Civil Surgeon, immigration lawyer as well as the patient. A patient can log on, free of charge for the service and find price comparison data for local doctors, locate a doctor, let easyIME service set-up the doctor's appointment and also supply the completed, error free I-693 form with an envelope for the appointment. easyIME.com is redefining standards for all Civil Surgeons and providing the patient with the most current forms and completed data for each appointment.
We also offer bi-lingual support and standard report tracking during the process as part of the application procedure for the patients. easyIME.com is proficient and effortless with the process while saving time, reducing errors and making filing the Immigration Medical Exam paperwork seamless

Contact information:
101 Grove Street, Suite 7 Stamford CT- 06901
Fax : 1-866-437-6797
Call : (888) 437-6797
Website: www.easyime.com
Email: imesupport@esmsys.com