OSSMedia Unveiled Bypass Conversion Technique for CMS Development

OSSMedia, an innovative CMS development organization, has revealed its latest research results and introduced a completely new technology for PSD to CMS conversion.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – New York – In an evening full of shutterbugs and tech bloggers, OSSMedia unveiled its innovative CMS conversion process. Until date, business entities were depend on traditional CMS conversion process for developing CMS enabled websites but now it will be an easy way out to create website using any open source CMS tool.

In its six months long research, developers at OSSMedia have found it inappropriate to follow long conversion process when the targeted results can be achieved in a short process.

Au Fait Conversion Theory

Until date, conversion has been a long process of PSD slicing, CSS creation, HTML markup and CMS integration. On looking at technical aspects of conversion, it is visible enough to see that current process takes a lot of time of business owners and developers to develop CMS websites. Technically, coder kick starts conversion process with proper slicing of layout images then create cascading style sheets of the content. After creation of CSS files, developer moves on HTML markup stage of conversion to integrate HTML files in a particular content management system. It is considerable that slicing and CSS creation takes a lot of time of business owners as well as coding experts. Therefore, it was an unavoidable need to research for a better process to shorten the conversion time and process.

Coders at OSSMedia explored technical confines of cyber technologies to find a shorter yet effective time taking method of PSD to CMS conversion process. Apart from time issues, it had some other aspects as well. For example, coders were compulsive to charge higher due to devotion of long working hours. Therefore, the research was essential.

Innovative Conversion

After researching cyber programming languages for about 6 months, coders came out to announce the new technology for a shortened conversion process. It is indeed an innovative event in the wordpress CMS development arena. Currently, WordPress is powering some about 55 millions of CMS enabled websites, Drupal is backing some about 7% of total CMS using sites, and vice versa. Therefore, this innovative process of WordPress CMS development and Magento CMS development will help website owner, managers, as well as developers to get the conversion jobs done in a short passage of time. Additionally, it will also deduct the price of the conversion process. Therefore, this research will become a trend-setting event in the Drupal Development and Magento development arena.

The Bypass Conversion

The organization has named this process as the bypass conversion. In this way, coders make slices of web design and directly integrate in already given CSS files of Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and Joomla etc. This process cut short four steps long process in just single-step process. Therefore, it does not take much time of coders as well as do not let the website owners wait for conversion of their website. Though, the cost will be a bit higher in initial days because the availability of coders, versed with this process will be low in numbers. Further, the prices will go down and this process will sweep out the consistent process out of the market.

While exchanging words with tech bloggers & journalists, Mr. James Matthews (Head Business Manager, OSSMedia) shared the research experience of his team for contriving this technology. "This innovative process is a result of break free coding and research hours. Our coders took month long leave from their families for joining this research drive. The research was painful however the eventual result relaxed magical fingers of our software research professionals".

OSSMedia is a group of innovative web development and software research professionals, who keep playing with codes for finding groundbreaking technical solutions. Open source technology related solutions, delivered by technocrats are known for innovation and exclusiveness. You cannot find the match of coders, working at OSSMedia.
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