Founder Named Among Most Influential Women in Technology

Trina Schwimmer, CEO and Founder of, was named one of “The Most Influential Women in Technology” by Fast Company magazine. The annual award recognizes women who’ve made a significant impact in the world of technology

Online PR News – 04-May-2010 – – Trina Schwimmer stands tall outside the door of technology’s tribute to the male ego – the testosterone-fueled video game industry. But Schwimmer, the founder and CEO of, has found a successful way to give women a voice in this male-dominated field.

“Women are out there pushing the boundaries of gaming today,” said Schwimmer. "They deserve a place that represents them. That’s what is. I felt that we needed a place to encourage women to not only talk about games, but write reviews, interact, and debate critically.”

Formed in 2003, became the outlet for this movement, focusing on game reviews, technology news, and pop culture, as filtered through the female lens.

“We say we’re the site for women who love all things geek,” said Schwimmer, a self proclaimed geek since childhood (some of her earliest memories involve an Atari 2600). Schwimmer’s all-geek approach hasn’t had trouble finding an audience. Over the last seven years she’s noticed a definite upswing in the female presence within the gaming community.

“I joke that I like to measure women attendance at gaming conventions by the line outside the bathroom,” she said. “If there’s a line, then I know there are more women attending these conventions – and that’s exactly what I love to see.”

Despite the emergence of more women gamers, Schwimmer still sees the legacy of the past, when games were considered “just for boys”, including overly busty female characters and stereotypical role portrayals. But Schwimmer has been known to call companies out on their out-dated attitudes.

“A company recently told us they didn’t have the budget to create a female skeleton,” said Schwimmer with a skeptical grin. “Other games can do it. It’s not like it’s that technically difficult, it should be standard.” continues to make progress in bringing a female perspective into the game development process. Schwimmer herself has even served on gameplay and marketing advisory panels for games under development.

“The marketing of games is still extremely male focused, and can sometimes cross into becoming insulting to women.” she said. “They don’t seem to think about it very much – as long as they get the coveted male demographic, they’re OK with it.” isn’t Schwimmer’s only outlet for “geeking out”. She’s also a Microsoft MVP on Xbox Live and a member of Playstation’s Gamer Advisory Panel. She continues to raise her concerns in both forums for making the online experience a more respectful and inviting place, especially for women.

In the future, Schwimmer would like to see become a community where both men and women feel comfortable sharing their voices. She also has plans for webisodes and the launch of an online video portal called GeekGirlsTV.