Workplace Pain And Stress Reduction Techniques Offered By Burlington, MA Yoga and Massage Studio

Both Employers and Employees Can Benefit From These Workplace Stress Management Methods

Online PR News – 04-May-2010 – – Woburn, Burlington, MA – Zen Muscular Therapy & Wellness Center, LLC today announced their special offerings of yoga and massage therapy to help with work-related pain and stress reduction. In addition to offering individuals techniques for reducing pain and stress linked to work, Zen's staff offers on-site stress reduction services for local businesses. Zen's classes are designed for all different levels – from beginners to advanced. They serve the Burlington, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, Bedford, Lexington and greater Boston community.

"Many of our clients are over worked and stressed out," reports Sheila Scheick, M. Ed, nationally certified muscular therapist and founder of Zen. "Often they come in with work-related repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder issues from using the mouse and neck strain from poor posture." And this tough economy has made it worse. Scheick adds, "Many people are doing the jobs of several people so they aren't getting breaks and/or working longer hours. Hours at a desk on a computer or phone can add to these injuries."

Using stress reduction techniques on the job is nothing new. In a 2001 article on boosting productivity and increasing employee satisfaction, Inc. Magazine included yoga and wellness programs in its list of programs that can make a difference for business success.

And the benefits for both employees and business' bottom line are clear: An American Journal of Health study of 6 large companies noted that workplace stress reduction techniques could save these businesses as much as eight per cent of their health care expenditures – about $24 billion annually. Another study out of University of Michigan Research Center concluded that for every $1 in wellness programming, businesses would provide $3 in cost savings.

According to a 2006 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management, 62% of companies have noted this financial advantage and implemented wellness programs.

The savings are attributed to increased productivity through better concentration, better sleep, and increased confidence along with decreased absenteeism and workplace stress related injuries. Noting the kinds of injuries she sees in her practice, Scheick explains, "Most people don't realize that stress can lead to pain. When people are stressed out often they tense up their muscles. Over time lingering stress can lead to shortened muscles, trigger points and adhesions, especially in the muscles of the neck and upper back. As a result, many people experience chronic headaches, neck strains and limited range of motion."

Zen yoga instructor Kate King, RYT, sees the same patterns in her classes "I am amazed to see the toll that work related stress takes on my students. People tell me about their fatigue, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, while others report chronic back pain, muscle spasms, high blood pressure and repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel. My students are in dire need of stress management in the workplace! While coming to yoga once per week is a great start, I constantly remind students to take what they've learned in class and apply it 'off the mat' at work and home as much as possible."

And these pain and stress reduction techniques work. Just last year researchers at Ohio State University reported that twenty minutes a day of guided workplace meditation and yoga can reduce stress by more than 10 percent and improve sleep quality.

Says Zen client Paula Minichiello, "Yoga and massage are a vital part of my stress reduction plan. With a hectic schedule, work, home, family, sport schedule etc. scheduling time for yourself is crucial. You need to take time to breathe, stretch and let your mind relax. It does wonders for the whole person. . . with the help of the flu shot and stress reduction I made it through the winter season without incident."

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About Zen Muscular Therapy & Wellness Center, LLC

Zen Muscular Therapy & Wellness Center, LLC,, has been providing pain and stress reduction services since 2001, through massage therapy and yoga. In addition to providing general wellness massage, they specialize in massage that helps with pain relief and injury recovery for problems such as sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. For four years running, Zen has been voted the best massage provider in Burlington, MA by and won two Reader's Choice Awards for their services in 2009. Zen's staff includes professional members of the American Massage Therapy Association and practitioners certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Conveniently located off of Rt. 128, they serve the Burlington, Woburn, Winchester, Billerica, Wilmington, Bedford, Lexington and greater Boston community. For a complete list of services or to schedule an appointment please visit the site or call 781-359-9300.