Free calendars from CodeTwo

A software company CodeTwo has just released a free version of CodeTwo NetCalendars – a group calendar application that streamlines the management of appointments and workflow in companies.

Online PR News – 20-July-2009 – – A software company CodeTwo has just released a free version of CodeTwo NetCalendars – a group calendar application that streamlines the management of appointments and workflow in companies.

- CodeTwo NetCalendars is part of the larger project called CodeTwo Public Folders – says Michał Bednarz, the owner of CodeTwo. – The latter enables sharing more data directly in Outlook such as mail folders, contacts, Office documents as well as appointments and tasks with other users in a company or home network. Once the users of CodeTwo NetCalendars learn the benefits of the application, they will surely be eager to test the capabilities of its more advanced counterpart.

CodeTwo NetCalendars enables multiple users to work on the same calendars located on different workstations in the local network – within one office- or in the Internet, between several branches of the same company spread across the country. Depending on the set rights of access, the virtual shared calendar can be viewed by only selected employees, teams, one or several departments, or even the whole company. The changes introduced to calendar by one user are propagated in realtime for all other users using the application.

- NetCalendars is a useful tool for organizing the work of a department – says Michał Bednarz. – The application may be used by employees to store appointments and meetings, company events, as well as for managers to assign tasks, estimate billable hours, or book resources.

Users can tag the appointments with categories that have different colors to make them more distinct and noticeable. A glance is enough to single out the most urgent tasks and assess how much time it will take to complete them. The additional entries that can be added to the appointment include a short description, start and end date, as well as the name of a person responsible for a given event. A feature that is highly valued by users of CodeTwo NetCalendars is the reminder for upcoming events. At the time defined by the users a pop up window appears informing the person that a meeting, appointment or task is becoming due.

The program developed by CodeTwo is compatible with the calendar feature available in Microsoft Office Outlook. Each change made directly in the Outlook calendar is immediately and automatically copied to the shared calendar using CodeTwo NetCalendars. This is a time-saving feature as the employees do not need to clone the appointments between various calendars. Importantly, you do not need Exchange to connect CodeTwo NetCalendars with Microsoft Outlook.

- Outlook alone enables keeping a personal calendar only. It will not let users share data between multiple machines in the company – says Michał Bednarz. – Only by installing a costly Exchange Server can data be shared. None of the standard Office suites though will enable viewing the calendars of multiple users in one screen or printing several calendars. CodeTwo NetCalendars helps cope with this problem.

Features of CodeTwo NetCalendars:

- creating and saving views consisting of calendars of different users located on several machines in the local network or the Internet;
- compatible with calendars kept in Microsoft Outlook;
- managing access rights to appointments;
- work in calendars in online and offline mode;
- storing detailed notes on the task (title, description, persons involved, etc.);
- reminder for upcoming events;
- creating personal calendars not visible to other users;
- printing options to have multiple calendar in one page.

About the company:

CodeTwo, a software company located in Poland, develops highly-specialized software for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. CodeTwo offers solutions to facilitate groupwork in companies of all sizes as well as resource management procedures, mails and tasks.

The solutions brought by CodeTwo are currently used by over 3000 companies (700 in Poland and as many as 2500 worldwide, mainly the USA). The flagship applications released by CodeTwo include CodeTwo Public Folders – an application used to share Outlook data (calendars, contacts, tasks, and mail folders) by multiple users in the workplace or home, as well as CodeTwo Exchange Rules – a solution used to add company disclaimers or personalized signatures to email messages automatically without user’s instruction. The product list is completed by customized software solutions (e.g. system used to manage employees’ vacation/paid-leave forms, an application for creating data back-ups for Exchange, a solution for managing the standard paper company correspondence, and finally free add-ons to Microsoft Outlook.