Science Technologies, LLC Announces Partnership

DeMatteo Industries, LLC acquires majority interest in Science Technologies, LLC

Online PR News – 11-February-2013 – Farmington, Connecticut – Science Technologies, LLC Announces Partnership.

DeMatteo Industries, LLC acquires majority company interest.

Science Technologies LLC, a remake of predecessor scientific research and development entities, is a Connecticut-based company specializing in nano and other particle research and development. The company when announced was immediately engaged and transacted.

Sandra Kelsey, Esq., President of Science Technologies announced the restructure embraces DeMatteo Industries, LLC of Connecticut as majority interest holder stating,
“DeMatteo Industries’ experience with complex, sophisticated projects was of senior importance. Pairing DeMatteo Industries’ management and financial resources with our science enables previously unattainable leveraging that virtually guarantees the company capturing its IP, manufacturing and distribution targets in 2013.”

Science Technologies, whose predecessors patented vanguard nanoparticle applications will conclude final testing and patenting necessary to initiate manufacture and mass-distribution of consumer-based products this year. The company will focus on the product based application of this technology.

Thomas A. Kokoska, DeMatteo Industries’ General Counsel and Director, stated,
“Science Technologies impressed directors of the various DeMatteo Industries’ companies with its proficiency in this futuristic field, and therein forecasts the new applications will revolutionize the existing markets. DeMatteo Industries is pleased to join Science Technologies Company in this exciting venture, and are working diligently to ensure that manufacturing processes are hubbed regionally.” He further stated “Board Chairman and CEO JD DeMatteo advised that additional reorganization of this portfolio holding will be minor, and he expects Attorney Kelsey to remain as president at Science Technologies.”

The Science Technologies' board members will be announced next month.

Release: DeMatteo Capital Partners, LLC/Science Technologies, LLC