Zen Bedrooms to Launches New Product Line of Platform Bed Frames and Box Spring Beds

Zen Bedrooms, an online bedding retailer, is expanding their product line to include platform bed frames and box spring beds, designed to be compatible with their popular memory foam mattresses.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Central London/London – The mattress is the cornerstone of comfort in the bedroom. However, while a quality mattress is integral for a great night’s sleep, it is also essential that the bedroom looks and feels like home. A mattress is no more comfortable than the bedroom it is positioned in. Recognizing the importance of a comfortable and stylish bedroom, Zen Bedrooms has decided to expand their product line to include bed frames and box spring beds. Their premier product range will be their newly developed line of platform bed frames. The platform bed frames and box spring beds will be designed to be compatible with their memory foam mattress line.

For those who do wish to update their furniture selection, Zen Bedrooms has introduced a variety of platform bed frames that will match their mattresses. Zen Bedrooms platform bed frames will include a range of options varying from wood frames to metal frames. Each frame is to be delivered for self-assembly and easy set-up. For apartment dwellers, platform bed frames will be an especially attractive option, as they are easier for delivery and construction than bulky box spring beds.

The platform bed frames will be designed specifically with space and storage facilities in mind. With unobtrusive and sleek designs, Zen Bedrooms’ platform bed frames are designed to be less wieldy than other bed frames on the market. They are intended to compliment small spaces and make the most of a tiny bedroom. Built on raised platform feet, the platform bed frames are especially suitable for those who have limited storage options. With open space beneath the bed frame, the platform bed frames offer a hide-away spot for items to be left in storage. The intention is to provide customers with a way to make use of a small bedroom design, while still offering an attractive bed frame to enhance the décor of their bedroom.

For those who prefer to provide their own headboard, Zen Bedrooms also will be offering box spring beds that can be matched with their memory foam mattress line. Thus, customers will still be able to purchase their coveted mattresses while still being able to use their own headboard and footboard set. Zen Bedrooms aim is to provide decorative options that will allow the customer to benefit from their memory foam mattress without having to forgo the furniture they may already have. Keeping in mind the needs and wants of the customer, Zen has found a solution to provide a decorative base for their highly regarded memory foam mattresses.

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