VOS Motorsports is Now An Authorized Dealer for the Wheels that Changed Everything - ADV.1 Wheels

VOS Motorsports, an automobile performance parts company in the United States, is proud to announce that they are officially an authorized distributor for the full line up of ADV.1 Wheels now.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – New York – VOS Motorsports, an automobile performance parts company in the United States, is proud to announce that they are officially now an authorized distributor for the full line up of ADV.1 Wheels direct from ADV.1 themselves.

ADV.1 Wheels:
Although ADV.1 is a new name to the industry, the company owners and staff have been in the business for over 10 years, and California based manufacturing plant has been in business for over 30 years. Dedicated ADV.1 design engineer has been creating engineering files for the wheel industry for 10+ years, and has worked for some of the industries leading wheel companies. With that being said, Advance One is backed by decades of knowledge in every aspect of the wheel industry, from retail sales, to the creation of new forging dye's. To summarize, ADV.1 is essentially hand built for the customers.

Configuration Overview of ADV.1 Wheels:
• 3 piece / standard concave profile ranging from minimal concave depth of about 0.5" to roughly 2.5" maximum concave depth. Unlimited lathe profiles within the limitation of the forging and applicable for use on nearly any vehicle.

• 3 piece / deep concave profile the industry's original deep concave forging, developed by ADV.1 in 2009. Provides a deep concave profile up to 5" for some applications, depenging on the vehicles offset limitations. Deep lip application using ADV.1's "leg extension" option which gives the aggressive deep concave profile while at the same time allowing for a deep lip size.

• 3 piece / TRAKfunction - Version of "entry level" which in reality isn't entry level at all in comparison to other wheel brands competing for this price point. The term "entry level" only pertains to the Trak Function line being ADV.1's entry level 3 piece wheel, however still it remains one of the highest quality options in it's price range. Uses a template based engineering process rather than other 3 piece wheels which are individually engineered without any set guidelines. It allows for faster production and lower cost.

• 3 piece / track spec - Another industry design breakthrough by ADV.1, designed in early 2010 and released at the 2010 Sema show, the Track Spec line has since become one of, if not THE most sought after wheels on the market. Provides the combination of lightweight, high strength forged aluminum step lip rim halves with deep concave forging profiles. Contoured spoke profile gives the appearance of a larger diameter wheel which was previously lost in a step lip configuration.

• 1 Piece / Forged offer the largest 1 piece forged program on the market today. With over $300k in aluminum forging inventory ADV.1 is able to make a 1 piece forged version of all of ADV.1 wheel styles, for any application, in multiple sizes & even multiple profiles. Offers a more oem style than a 3 piece wheel would however with a more aggressive stance, concave profile and custom finishes.

• 1 / 3 piece ADVX program - For the first time in the history of aftermarket wheels, a company has the ability and engineering freedom to allow YOU to design your own individual wheel style. A custom built, specifically engineered wheel is always limited to the wheel style selection offered. Finally proud to allow the clients the ability to design their own wheel style. Available in any size, finish, & configuration offered by ADV.1, the ADVX program is the ultimate custom wheel.

• 1 & 3 piece / Track Specific SL series - SL Series, meaning super light is ADV.1's lightweight version of all existing styles in both 3 piece Track Spec & 1 piece forged configurations. The SL engineering modification combines weight reduction techniques with aesthetic enhancements in order to provide a lightweight version of the non SL modified style. The standard SL series wheels are lightweight, high strength performance wheels designed for high performance applications specifically.

• 1 & 3 piece / SL series - The ADV.1 Track Specific forging configuration is ADV.1's answer to the popular question, "so, how much do they weigh?" Many of wheels are already competitively lightweight as it is, however for the clients who demand performance the company developed the track.one lineup. The only truly vehicle specific, tested, lightweight wheel for excessively powerful, 200+ mph, 2000+ horsepower exotic vehicles.

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