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Stephensons has extensive experience in sourcing and selling a variety of catering equipment to bar and restaurants and provides excellent quality of products.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Stockport, Cheshire, – Stockport, Cheshire, 07 February 2013: Party plastic glasses are made from disposable material and can easily be discarded once they are used. Stephensons is an experienced provider of different types and varieties of glasses that can be useful at parties. Every drink needs to be served in a specific glass and Stephensons provides all these glasses even in plastic.

Discussing about the types of party plastic glasses provided, a senior executive from Stephensons stated,” We provide disposable plastic shot glasses as well as jagerbomb shot glasses and all drink serving equipment which are used in glass are available in plastic with us.” This helps in letting your guests have the same experience while sipping a drink from a plastic glass and saves you the trouble of clearing up broken glasses and glass pieces which are a common occurrence at parties once people have had a few drinks.

Plastic wine glasses are also available at Stephensons and resemble their glass counterparts and these can be easily stacked up and stored. Champagne flutes are also available in disposable plastic and are made in a sleek design and style. Plastic tumblers are also available in numerous sizes and are suitable for serving beer and water. Translucent as well as transparent party plastic glasses are available and can be chosen as per the need and requirement.

Speaking about the availability of party plastic glasses, a senior official from Stephensons commented,” We maintain an extensive inventory and all types of glasses are readily available with us and are shipped across to our customers on receiving their order.”

These plastic party glasses can be purchased in cases of 50, 100 or 1000 and some are even available in cases of 2000.

About Stephensons:

Stephensons is a 140 year old establishment which has extensive experience in sourcing and selling catering equipment of the best quality. All new items sourced by the company are subjected to extensive tests to ensure they match their standards of quality. Most new concepts and innovations introduced in the market are available with Stephensons including bar equipment for sale.

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