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VarietyBuzz, top notch remote control toy company add remote controlled camera chopper, the JXD 355 and several other RC toys to its store.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – South Elgin, Illinois – South Elgin, Illinois – Starting a new hobby can be a difficult and daunting task. There are lots of factors one needs to consider including economy, time, entertainment level, and skill level. One hobby that is getting very popular among individuals and family is the latest trend of radio controlled toys. Well, these are not actually toys, but they are the marvels of the advancement in modern physics and industrial technology. It would be inappropriate to consider remote control gadgets as simple toys because, in reality, they are geeky and technical gadgets. One such rc toy that has made huge fan base is radio controlled helicopters, and is proud to provide its customer with the best and coolest rc helicopters of the 21st century.

There was a time when only wealthy professionals and experts could afford such toys. Additionally, we still remember the days when one would want to own gadgets used in James Bond movies, such as the wireless radio controlled helicopter camera that he uses to spy on his enemies. Today, is providing these gadgets such as the remote controlled camera chopper, the JXD 355. This is a medium sized outdoor helicopter that has a sturdy and strong metal frame and utilizes a new gyro technology to allow stable and smooth outdoor flight experience. It also features an HD video camera that has the ability to capture photos as well as record high quality videos. Additionally, it comes with a 1GB free memory stick and usb memory recorder, allowing pilots to enjoy their flight at low cost. In fact, this was one of the fastest selling rc helicopter available at

What is fun about these remote controlled choppers? Firstly, the fact that you have the ability to wirelessly control a flying object with your hands make you not only feel geeky, but special. Furthermore, the remote control hobby has become so famous and popular that you will find established and prosperous clubs and organizations in your local neighborhood. This allows you to not only spend your time efficiently, but it helps you make new friends and get acquainted with bright minded individuals. Plus, the hobby of owning and operating a remote controlled helicopter itself is an exceptional and rewarding experience.

Furthermore, has recently released the latest advanced rc helicopters. One such beginner rc helicopter that has amazed many individuals is the iphone controlled heli. These are mostly mini rc choppers that are designed to fully operate in an indoor setting with minor obstacles. The fact that they can be controlled with your Iphone after downloading a free app has made this a great hit among kids and smartphone users. Additionally, has increased their line of products and not only they provide the best remote control helicopters, but also specializes in providing their customers the best kinds of rc boats, rc cars, and rc tanks. Furthermore, they offer special deals and discounts on some of the popular brands of rc toys such as the syma and the double horse rc toys.

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