Quantum Inventions Launches First Live Traffic Information Service for Motorists in South East Asia

mapSYNQ, a cloud based live traffic information platform now provides personalized, real-time traffic information to motorists in South East Asia

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Singapore – Quantum Inventions, a key provider of GPS navigation and traffic solutions in Asia Pacific, announced the launch of mapSYNQ, a map-based, traffic information service that provides real-time traffic data for the region. Available on the web and mobile, mapSYNQ is the first of its kind application that combines live traffic with personalized user information to offer motorists a seamless, one-stop application that addresses all their commuting needs.

“One of the key differences in mapSYNQ is the manner in which the information is accessed by users,” said Mohit Sindhwani, Head of Innovation at Quantum Inventions. “mapSYNQ offers traffic information to users in a personalized and contextual manner. For example, instead of providing all traffic incidents, toll prices or cameras in a list and leaving the user to deduce which ones might affect him, mapSYNQ actually figures out the ones that would affect the user based on his current location and his destinations saved in his profile or calendar. The entire experience becomes personalized, hassle-free and simple to use.”

Although mapSYNQ was developed in Singapore, it was built with a global audience in mind. Motorists from countries in the region such as Malaysia and Thailand can leverage upon mapSYNQ and expect a similar set of features as traffic information from these countries has been included. Mohit further commented “The mapSYNQ platform is ready for a global push. We are in discussions with data providers and partners to supply country specific data to enrich mapSYNQ and offer our users a truly global application.”

mapSYNQ is also positioned as a companion product to Quantum Invention’s existing navigation software, Galactio. Saurav Bhattacharyya, CEO of Quantum Inventions said
“Over the years, users of our GPS navigation products have responded positively towards the inclusion of live traffic information within their devices. However, they felt that providing this information to them beforehand would go a long way towards helping them plan their journeys. This reinforced our vision for a connected navigation system and provided us with the starting point for mapSYNQ. “.

Saurav went on to say “At Quantum Inventions, we recognize the current trend that users are engaging with an increasing number of devices such as tablets and smartphones. These users expect to access their applications across all the different devices and they demand a similar experience throughout. Navigation, maps and routing applications are no exception to this trend and this is the approach we have taken with mapSYNQ.”

mapSYNQ is now available in Google Play and Apple’s app store. mapSYNQ on the web can be accessed at http://www.mapsynq.com.

About Quantum Inventions:
Quantum Inventions (QI) has been developing solutions for navigation, routing and map-based applications with a focus on live traffic information for consumers, enterprise and government systems. Headquartered in Singapore, Quantum Invention’s solutions has been deployed and sold in the Asia Pacific regions and various countries in the Middle East.