West Bellfort Self Storage Extends Security Provisions in its Units

There has been a wide proliferation of self storage services in Texas in past few years.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – 7th Feb- 2013 Houston,TEXAS – There has been a wide proliferation of self storage services in Texas in past few years. Their use has started growing with the awareness about their utilities by the convenience they are offering to domestic as well as commercial users. The prime reasons why self storage services are getting popular against conventional means of accommodating properties are security they provide. There are different types of units on offer today. For example it can be insulated steel tubes cabinets, or conventional rooms of different size. The charges for the two options vary considerably though; as there is considerable different in their security measures too. However security concerns are always a prime factor affecting consumers’ decision in this industry. One of the self storage services in Texas, West Bellfort has announced stronger security provisions in its self-storage units. “Besides offering U-Haul locks to our consumers at discounted price, we have installed state of the art surveillance system in the Yard, consisting of 16 cameras and 24 hours recording capabilities” informs a company representative.

Self storage services are also commonly being used by business users as they often need space to store extra material for either supply or consumption purpose. These services are providing economic alternative of hiring costly stores with long term lease agreement to small business owners who do not want to be bound with any long-term agreement, nor are interested to invest much initially on purchasing a storage premise. These self storage facilities offer required size of space, for any smallest possible tenure, at economical cost. That too with proper security provisions so that the owner of the goods doesn’t have to spend extra money on security of the material. A wise businessman also sees it beneficial in terms of easy extension/reduction of space, and accordingly charges, as per the seasonable growth or reduction in the business requirements.

People often use self-storage services when they are moving from one location to other, from a larger house to smaller one, or just going out for a long vacation and do not want to pay huge rent for their house until their return. So in all such cases self-storage units offer secure and economical option. However, moving such stuff to and from self-storage service units seems to be a hefty task, and risky to the safety of goods. “We have ensured security and safety of material even in transit” informs a representative from the West Bellfort Self-storage service, “for this we also rent U-Haul trucks to the users of our services” he adds.

Self-storage services are very much beneficial without a doubt. However, if you are planning to use one, do make sure safety, security, and cleanliness options there. You should also check facilities provided to move goods in and out of the premise. You need to know who else will be visiting to your hired units in your absence, if anyone is allowed by the company. You should always check for the availability of size you need to store your products because bigger size unit will cost more of course. For more information, please log onto http://www.westbellfortselfstorage.com/