PassedOn is a free web-based global initiative for those who wish to create multimedia eWills (Emotional Wills) and save unforgettable moments for the people they love.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Amsterdam – Amsterdam, NL – February _ 2013 – Dutch trendsetting website PassedOn (, the recently launched digital eWill (Emotional Will) service, signed a deal last week to begin storing a part of their data on Apple’s signature iCloud.

Due to an overwhelming surge in members within the first two months of its international debut, PassedOn has decided to relocate part of their data onto Apple’s remote secure iCloud storage. Currently available in 10 languages, PassedOn has drawn near to its first 100,000 members in 97 countries around the world.

Apple’s iCloud is the computer giant’s latest offering, enabling clients to seamlessly upload multimedia data, such as music, photos, documents and video, to an online cloud praised for its security and ease of use. Remote access to the decentralized network ensures sensitive information is never invested into one device or location.

Marc Oparq, founder of PassedOn, states the agreement is “mutually beneficial and a logical step given the circumstances. With users coming in at such a rate, we had to find a reliable service that wouldn’t require us to compromise any of our operations and find a reliable and secure remote storage location.” Now with Apple we are able to effortlessly host our privatized data in a space that is easy for us to manage growth. Furthermore, our data costs have significantly lowered, which further guarantees free lifetime memberships to our faithful users.”

As a young father, Marc Oparq created PassedOn with the hope that his children will one day understand what it was like to see them grow up. “PassedOn is a private place where you can express your innermost thoughts and wishes with the ones you love. Every now and then I take a few minutes to write down messages and upload files that capture special moments I have with my kids. My goal is to give this to them, in book form, when they turn 18 years old. This is currently enriching my life and will surely have a profound effect on my kids when they can relive their formative years,” reflects Marc. “I have also started doing something similar for my parents and brothers, who are miles away, and of course my wife.”

“PassedOn is a concept that is very close to our heart. We created PassedOn because we want to give people peace of mind that, once they have a private account and begin creating eWills (Emotional Wills), people will know what they truly felt and thought about their Loved Ones,” says Marcel Lennartz, co-founder and lead developer.

Despite the popularity of large social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the dedicated individuals behind the concept believe that with its meaningful purpose, PassedOn will have its own market. “We’ve tried our best to make our message accessible to everyone. Users need only create a free account to begin,” explains Marc. “People will never grow tired of the concept if they can grasp the full implications of the service. PassedOn is a great source of pride for us and we think it can have a real impact on the daily lives of people around the world.”


About PassedOn:

We all have important wishes and thoughts for our Loved Ones. Whether it’s a personal message from the heart, a love confession, a late apology or a long-kept secret: PassedOn is a free web-based global initiative for those who wish to create multimedia eWills (Emotional Wills) and save unforgettable moments for the people they love.

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