’s Featured Book & Author, Loveless in the Nam and Donald Crawford
02/08/2013 announces its exciting and enlightening February selection of featured book, Loveless in the Nam by Jim Boersema, and featured author, Donald Crawford.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Green Bay/WI – GREEN BAY, WI (2/7/2013) – This month of love sees people wishing for more excitement and enlightenment in their lives.’s featured book and author for February gives them just that as it features the story of a fictional war hero who lives by his own code and an author who bravely reveals the truth about the true last tsar of Russia.

The Featured Book is Loveless in the Nam, a war-themed fiction novel written by Jim Boersema. The book relates the adventures (and misadventures) of one Lieutenant Frank Loveless during his stint in the Vietnam War. Despite the book’s war-themed setting, author Boersema has steered clear of taking the story’s direction towards a serious and somber path, opting instead to make it lighter and more candid, making for an entertaining read.

“An engagingly flawed protagonist and a grounded sense of reality make Boersema’s novel a smooth, fitfully thoughtful entertainment,” Kirkus Reviews has stated in its official review of Loveless in the Nam.

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The Featured Author is Donald Crawford, a London-based writer and barrister who was the former publisher of Parliamentary Brief, a British political journal. His book, The Last Tsar: Emperor Michael II is the sequel to Michael and Natasha: The Life and Love of Michael II, the Last of the Romanov Tsars, a book which he co-authored with his wife, Rosemary.

He is currently at work on his third Romanov-centered book, entitled An Historical Guide to Romanov St. Petersburg.

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