23DNA – The Fastest Way to Prove Paternity Claims

23DNA believes that every person has the right to affordable and quick DNA testing. The service is modeled to offer accurate results in the shortest time to customers. Their help is also sought after by immigrants, for citizenship proof.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn, New York - 23DNA is an affordable and accredited DNA testing agency. Their non-invasive paternity test is conducted by utilizing blood samples taken from the arm of the pregnant woman. This technology was made available to the public in 2002. Over the years, this form of testing has grown very popular. These tests are conducted before the birth of the baby. This poses no risk to the fetus in any way. The blood collected from the pregnant woman’s arm contains the blood samples of both the mother and the child. The blood sample of the alleged father is collected by a simple specimen taken from the cheek cells. The clients will receive their DNA test result within forty eight hours.

This company traces the root of its name to the 23 paired chromosomes in the human body. The goal of this company is to reduce the cost of the test to their clients. Their hope is that by doing this the general cost of such examinations will reduce in the industry. Their belief is that every individual has the right to find out about their genetic lineage without having to spend too much money. Most people undergo this medical examination in order to find out who the father is. This information is crucial for the financial and emotional well being of the mother and the child. Such tests are more useful when a woman has multiple sexual partners. Many immigrants want to prove the citizenship of their child. This is necessary for safeguarding their social benefits and inheritance. It is also useful for keeping track of the medical history of the child for accurate diagnosis and treatment in the future. In many cases, the biological father also wants to be sure that the unborn child is his own, before he commits himself to any financial and moral support.

Many people are in a hurry to get their testing done quickly. Such individuals can use the online form and request for a home kit to be sent to them. The kit can help them get the procedure started quickly. They can use the kit at home and send the samples over to the laboratory for examination. The technicians will process all the samples and return it to the client with the results. Clients can rest assured that the kit and the samples will not be tampered with. The firm will also guarantee that the details of the patient will be kept in complete confidentiality. Those who want help with a Non Invasive Paternity DNA Test can log on to 23dna.co.