FunderHut Opens Up Funding Opportunities That Focus On Community and Helping Others

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Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – Chicago, Illinois – FunderHut™ has officially announced the launch of, a cutting edge, crowdfunding Website that combines the collaborative thinking of group funding for projects in sixteen themed categories*. The explosive growth of the crowdfunding (the Web based ability to raise money) has brought unprecedented opportunity to those once unable to receive funding for various projects via traditional means.

FunderHut was developed for that purpose. Someone with a goal that needs funding, whether it’s to start a community garden, fund a small business, publish a book, or help a loved one pay for medical bills, can create a pitch on FunderHut and ask for contributions. FunderHut has opened the door to funding in many categories that we not previously offered by “crowdfunding” Websites. One of the FunderHut creators, Eugene Salganik, developed this concept after past experience as one of the founders of a local civic organization, where he chaired an Economic Development Committee. This position showed him just how difficult it was to fund community based projects. Excited by the concept, sons Alan and Dan were responsible for the site’s design, details, and social networking elements. The team boasts the fact that with the development of FunderHut, the public now has the ability to fund projects to make communities stronger.

The process to get started on FunderHut is an easy one. A project creator begins by creating a fundraising campaign and explaining why he or she needs the funds and how they will be used. Every project has built-in social media sharing tools, but project creators are free to use any medium that will help them get the word out. Creativity is key. With a good project and the right pitch, the project creator can raise the funds necessary from generous contributors to accomplish their goal. In addition to helping someone achieve his or her goal, contributors can, in return, receive Kudos: pre-defined tokens of appreciation given by project creators to project funders. Think of them as a way to thank people for their contributions. The more dollars pledged, the more special and unique the Kudos a contributor can receive.

Another unique element is an enhanced social side of FunderHut called the Community Wishlist, an element of the Website that encourages anyone to share his or her ideas for community improvement. If a wish is popular amongst users, with the click of a button, that wish can become an actual, fundable project. Site users can search for projects in their own community, or any other community they choose. “It’s great that someone can contribute to a project and see the direct effect their contribution made,” commented Dr. Marina Vitkin, a small business owner and a contributor to one of the first projects in Chicago, IL. FunderHut offers helpful tools for seamless project creation, project funding, social-sharing, and a timeline for tracking an entire campaign from start to finish. Every project offers an open discussion forum among creators, users, and anyone else who wants to contribute.

With a platform designed for the socially-connected user in mind, fund-seekers will have the opportunity to build their inventions, finance plays and works of art, fund tuition and medical tourism and much more – thanks to the generous FunderHut community. To find out more, please visit

Dan Salganik

*FunderHut Categories: Arts & Fashion, Books & Publications, Business & Entrepreneurship, Charity & Volunteering, Community Renaissance, Design, Education & Tuition, Film & Documentaries, Games & Entertainment, Going Green, Internet & Applications, Medical & Medical Tourism, Personal Emergencies, School Organizations & Clubs, Social & Civic Organizations, and Technology.