Golden Energy Announces New Electricity Purchasing Program for Commercial Customers in Illinois

Golden Energy Services announces its Prepare, Procure, Prosper program, designed to make it easy for commercial customers to gain access to competitive electricity markets to spur job growth and increase local prosperity.

Online PR News – 08-February-2013 – O'Fallon, IL – Electricity aggregation programs recently enacted in Illinois tackled the problem of creating energy savings for residential customers, and industrial electricity users have had market access for years.

But commercial customers, the key to local economic growth, are a neglected market segment. Commercial customers are too small for direct marketing, and too large for aggregation programs.

No longer. Today, Golden Energy Services announces its Prepare, Procure, Prosper program, designed to make it easy for commercial customers to gain access to competitive electricity markets.

The principle behind the program is to save commercial customers money, knowing that they will reinvest in their businesses, spur job growth, and increase local prosperity.

Thomas Mulholland, President, Golden Energy Services, Inc., said, "I’m announcing our 'Prepare, Procure, Prosper' Program today to let you know about an opportunity that’s now available to commercial-sized electricity users to help you increase the prosperity of your business and community. This is a movement that started with aggregation of residential customers, putting truckloads of dollars back into local communities. It’s now available to commercial customers, but individual businesses have to take action."

Mulholland continued, "For over two decades, we have connected customers with great solutions to help them meet their business objectives. This is a particularly great opportunity that does not come around often. Our goal is simple: We want to help businesses in Illinois tackle what to them seems like a daunting task–contracting for market-based power–by leveraging our expertise. We believe we can create hundreds of job in Illinois."

Golden Energy estimates that electricity aggregation programs have already pushed over $400 million in disposable income into local Illinois communities, and creating over 3,700 jobs in 2012, almost 10% of all jobs created in the state. Golden expects that number to soar to over $1.5 billion by year-end 2014, creating 13,000 jobs.

Mulholland believes, "Electricity cost savings is an economic engine for our state. Commercial customers represent an even greater opportunity to increase local prosperity and jobs because of the direct connection between owner profitability and job creation."

In its program, Golden invites customers to consider the following questions:

How would you like to...
Grow Your Business—In Illinois, electricity users can choose their supplier. The competitive price is lower than the cost from Ameren. Commercial customers can save as much as 15%, using the difference to make businesses and communities more prosperous.

Can you imagine...
Controlling Costs—Ameren’s price changes twice yearly. With competitive supply, customers can lock in an attractive price for one, two or three years, allowing for budget certainty and peace of mind

What if you could...
Strengthen Reliability—Ameren will continue to deliver electricity, read meters and provide emergency response. Ameren is investing over $1 billion to modernize its Illinois grid.

Golden's Mulholland commented, "We are excited to bring a new energy solution to the commercial market segment. We believe strongly in the cause of creating jobs at the local level, without any governmental programs or handouts, based upon taking advantage of opportunities that exist in competitive markets."