Australian Chiropractor Announces Free Spinal Analysis for New Patients: February and March 2013

Strand Chiropractic Centre, located in Sydney, Australia, specializes in all types of spinal care. The company provides non-invasive treatments for people of all ages, regardless of profession.

Online PR News – 11-February-2013 – Oatley,NSW,Australia – Australian Chiropractor Announces Free Spinal Analysis for New Patients: February and March 2013

Strand Chiropractic Centre in Oatley, Sydney, Australia has announced it is running a special for a free spinal analysis check on new patients in February and March 2013.

Sydney, Australia – February 1, 2013 – Strand Chiropractic Centre has announced the launch of a new special for new patients in February and March 2013. A free spinal analysis check will be available for new customers during this time period. This is in addition to free spinal checks for all school age children every school holidays.

Located in Oatley, Sydney, Australia, the company employs specialists who work to uncover the symptoms and determine the underlying problem. Its services are intended for anyone feeling stiffness or pain in their neck or back, or who suffer from frequent headaches. Difficulty sleeping and a lack of energy can be a sign of or result of spinal issues; these problems are addressed too.

Strand Chiropractic Centre provides non-invasive treatments for anyone suffering from spinal problems. Specialists can treat anyone from infants to the elderly. Each treatment is provided on an individual basis, addressing the uniqueness of each person’s spine and nervous system. Active people require a different approach than a desk worker, while older patients with arthritis need to be approached using a different means of treatment.

With each service, the patient’s nervous system is carefully examined. A course of treatment is determined based on the pattern observed; one may have an easily aroused nervous system while other individuals not so much. Strand Chiropractic Centre works to treat an irritated nervous system and restore communication channels between the brain and the body.

New patients can have a free spinal analysis as part of a special running in February and March 2013. More information on this special and the company’s services can be found at or call 9579 5100 to book your free analysis.