Florence presents the USPS approved quality mailboxes

Florence Manufacturing offers high quality mailboxes and accessories.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Manhattan – Florence Manufacturing offers high quality mailboxes and accessories. The company is in this business since 1934 and provides mailboxes for the collection of mail & packages and their centralized distribution. Florence presents its product lines that assure to give best solutions to postal officials and product designers.
When it comes to residential mail drop boxes, the Florence vital™ 1570 series cluster box unit design has been approved by The United States Postal Service as the design standard for all cluster box units in the country. Cluster mailboxes are usually used in areas where houses are located at some distance from one another. The use of such mailboxes allows a postal official to access several mailboxes at a time. Florence is the original manufacturer of such CBUs and offers cluster box units that fulfil all project needs.
The firm is the only supplier of CBUs to the USPS and has designed a high security CBU particularly for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. The purpose behind this product was to build a unit that can protect mail from theft and decrease break-in damage in areas where crime rate is high. Its security features enhance the mail protection.These residential mail drop boxes come with pedestals and box caps. These accessories give a new look to the mailboxes keeping the protection features intact.
There are various postal standards that are seen nowadays. People living in apartments have many questions in their mind while changing postal standards. Property managers find it difficult to decide whether they should install Security Upgrade Kits in existing units, upgrade them to STD-4C or get new mailbox units which are compatible with STD-4B+. The solution for this issue can be given by local postal carrier who can suggest the ways to improve the security and convenience of mail.
Florence manufacturing understands the concerns of people and manufactures the products that completely satisfy their requirements. The company maintains a recycling program that involves reprocessing of materials such as aluminum, wood, powder paint, etc.
About Florence Manufacturing-
Florence manufactures quality mailboxes, for example, cluster box units which are approved by the USPS and used as residential mail drop boxes. The company also offers accessories such as pedestals and box caps.