Buyers Helped with Home Loan after a Short Sale

CFS Mortgage Corporation announces the release of the Flexible Credit Home Loan Program. This home loan program is transforming the process of recovery after a short sale, making it easier for Arizona homeowners to take advantage of the hot real estate deals.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Phoenix – Phoenix, Arizona – CFS Mortgage Corporation is a closely held mortgage banker with more than three decades of experience in the industry. They are licensed to operate in both, Arizona and California. This firm specializes in purchase transactions. In the last thirty years, they have originated more than fifteen thousand loans. They have been recognized as one of the top twenty five lenders in Maricopa County by the Phoenix Business Journal.

In the wake of the housing crisis, many Arizona families are still grappling with the aftermath of short sale or foreclosure. However, the new Flexible Credit Program, offered by CFS Mortgage Corporation, can help home owners who recently opted for a short sale obtain a second chance at home ownership. In the past, a short sale resulted in a long waiting period for most home owners, before it was possible for them to re-enter the housing market.

The Arizona housing market is making significant strides toward recovery, which is why many homeowners who experienced short sales are particularly interest in home ownership once again. Record-low mortgage rates make home ownership more affordable than ever. As Arizona home values continue to rise, many potential buyers want to take advantage of the last homes priced to sell, before the median home value climbs even higher.

After an Arizona short sales, some home owners may not have enough cash on hand to afford a large down payment on a future home. By using the CFS Mortgage Flexible Credit Program, it's easy to get a mortgage after short sale, without having a large reserve of funds in the bank. Only 25% down is required for the Flexible Credit Program in order to qualify for home loan after short sale, which is markedly less than is required for a down payment by other mortgage lending companies in Arizona.

Another advantage of the Flexible Credit Program is that it requires a credit score of just 600 to qualify for financing after short sale. This means that home owners can easily move into a new property while still working to rebuild their credit after a short sale. Luckily, short sales cause much less of an impact to credit scores than foreclosures. They still may make it difficult for some potential buyers to secure financing after a short sale. The Arizona economy is making a comeback, and CFS Mortgage allows home owners to take advantage of new beginnings in a better economic climate through the Flexible Credit Program.

Prices of Arizona homes are quickly accelerating, and the median home value has increased by a double-digit percentage in just one year. Now is the perfect time to invest in Arizona real estate, and the CFS Mortgage Flexible Credit program allows home owners to buy a home in as little as one day, after a short sale or foreclosure. In comparison, most buyers have to wait a minimum of two or three years to qualify for a home loan after a foreclosure.

Plus, CFS Mortgage allows home owners to take advantage of the Flexible Credit Program just six months after a bankruptcy discharge. During the recession, many individuals were unable to make their mortgage payments due to economic circumstances beyond their control; the CFS Flexible Credit Program allows home owners to rebuild their finances while living in one of the many affordable Arizona homes currently on the market. Visit for information.