Suntell Japan Commence Installation Project of Solar Panels.

Suntell Japan have finalized the planning of, what is set to become the biggest solar panel installation project based at their headquarters in Japan.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Japan/Tokyo – Suntell Japan has announced that it will commence the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the headquarters as a benchmark in efficient utilization of solar energy for a corporate structure.

“We are committed to leading by example when we discuss the advantages of using solar power as a viable means of energy supply when engaging with our clients and associates” announced Yoshihiko Wakadu the Chairman of the Board at SunTell Japan.

“In order to remain a company that differentiates itself from a reseller, and to ensure that our target market acknowledges that we are far more involved in the alternative energy source and supply service, we have a duty to provide proven scenarios, whereby we can illustrate in a real environment, and show by real examples of cost effectiveness, the advantages of solar power that we so firmly believe in, and are committed to as a company” explained the Chairman of SunTell Japan.

“As we systematically scrutinize the regional and ecological impact that a project may have as it progresses from research and development into deployment and setup in the field, by engaging in this project, we can prove the overall ramifications of undertaking projects.

“We have the experience and ability to stay abreast of technological developments and the place they hold in the worldwide financial markets. We are at the forefront of the alternative energy sector and are experts on the provision of viable energy producing technology” Mr. Wakadu concluded.

Suntell Japan was established in 2003 by Yoshihiko Wakadu and Dr. Christopher Chu in Tokyo, Japan. Since then they have strived to attain the highest possible standards in all investment activities that the company undertakes, so this project will encapsulate their purpose and operating procedures and demonstrate the quality of the solar cell designs and syatems and the corresponding technology that epitomises Sun Tell.