ANY LABORATORY EXAMINATION NOW ® Offers family relationship DNA tests, such as antenatal and post-birth paternity.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Reeder – Alpharetta, GA. ANY LABORATORY TEST NOW ® deals prenatal paternity examining that may assist pregnant ladies discover answers for lawful and personal issues.ANY LABORATORY TEST NOW goes to the center of DNA household partnership testing, now providing a prenatal paternity test from blood accumulated from the expecting mom and affirmed expectant dad. This specimen collection procedure implies that there is no need for an amniocentesis or CVS procedure, both connected with risks of losing the unborn baby. There is no risk to the fetus with ANY LABORATORY EXAMINATION NOW's brand-new prenatal paternity test since this DNA test recognizes cost-free moving fetal DNA in the mother's blood. Now there is no necessity to wait till the baby is birthed for screening. Joe Neely Franchise This test can be conducted as early as 9 weeks of maternity, up till the time of birth. While this test is as safe as drawing blood, it is 99.9 % exact as long as there suffices fetal DNA in the mother's blood. The chance of fetal DNA visibility boosts with gestational age. Nonetheless, in the case that there wants fetal DNA in the parental blood, ANY LABORATORY TEST NOW recommends waiting 2 - 4 weeks and looking back on the mom's example to examine once more, at a very little additional cost. Test outcomes are available within seven business days.Prenatal paternity testing might be done for a range of reasons. Knowing the fact prior to the baby is birthed allows the moms and dads to plan beforehand. The results may assist support the urgent moms and dad bonding process as opposed to the time that could be lost because of the "wait and see" strategy of post-birth testing. While family members might make use of the prenatal paternity examination for informational purposes only, lots of times there is a legal reason for the examination. Joe Neely Franchise ANY LABORATORY EXAMINATION NOW provides paternity tests that are legally-admissible. "Unlike the Informational DNA Paternity Test, the Legally-Admissible Examination is collected in a meticulous chain-of-custody fashion and each sample is checked twice for verification," explains Roben Durand, Advertising Supervisor of ANY LABORATORY TEST NOW. At ANY LAB EXAMINATION NOW, the blood examples are collected by a qualified professional and then sent to a recognized laboratory for examining.To learn even more concerning prenatal paternity testing, call one of our ANY LAB EXAMINATION NOW areas near you. For a listing of areas and additional details, check out Joe Neely Franchise.About ANY LAB TEST NOW ®.In 1992, ANY LAB EXAMINATION NOW is a franchise laboratory collection facility that offers thousands of common laboratory tests to customers and employers in a professional, handy and cost-efficient way without the necessity of a medical professional's order or insurance. With over 130 facilities around the UNITED STATE, ANY LABORATORY TEST NOW offers a selection of cost effective and discreet lab examinations to customers and companies including general health and wellness and health panels, pregnancy, HIV/STD, drug, paternity and several more examinations. To discover even more regarding ANY LABORATORY TEST NOW, check out Joe Neely Franchise.