Canadians can now cut their long-distance bill in half for free

It’s simple. It’s cheap. It works with any phone, regardless of your wireless carrier or plan. This is what customers love about T-Tag – an incredibly simple prepaid long-distance service created by Canadian telecom start-up last year.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Toronto, Ontario – It’s so incredibly simple that it’s easy to miss and hard to believe it works. But it works. And it works so well that you’ll fall in love when you make your first long-distance call with T-Tag. Guaranteed!

So what is T-Tag? Standing as “telephone tag”, T-Tag is a 10 digit local phone number in your calling area that is attached to your international phone number. When you dial T-Tag from a phone number registered in your account, your call is being forwarded to the international phone number you’ve attached to it. That simple!

You can create T-Tags for any long-distance or international phone number through your web dashboard or using text message. Save the new T-Tag to your phone, dial it and talk to anyone like they live next door. As an added convenience you won’t need to install a mobile app, consume 3G data or look for a free Wi-Fi to make that important call. T-Tag will work equally well on your new smartphone or on your grandma’s old landline by using your free minutes included in your plan.

T-Tag is so well-thought that your operator won’t know you are making a long-distance call. Use free local minutes included in your wireless or landline plan to call your T-Tags. From there, T-Tag will grab your call, pass it through its own network of Tier 1 operators and deliver your crystal-clear quality call to Canada, USA or any other part of the word you need. All at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay making the same call through any other operator.

With T-Tag you are in total control of your long-distance budget. There are no monthly bills, as your calls are conveniently charged from a prepaid credit you buy using your credit card or PayPal. A $10 worth of prepaid credit will give you more than 660 minutes of calling anywhere across Canada and United States. Or get “My Canada” monthly plan for $3.99/month as a perfect complement to your local-minute-only wireless or landline plan.

Flexible enough, T-Tag can handle your family’s long-distance needs through a single account, even when your calling tastes differ. Register all phone numbers you and your family members are calling from and share the prepaid credit and T-Tags. If your business requires you calling North America quite often, get a monthly plan for your mobile, while your wife can continue calling her mom with prepaid credit.

So, what would your long-distance bill look like at the end of this month? There will be none. Get a T-Tag account with $2 welcome credit to experience the revolutionary long-distance service that will eliminate your long-distance bill forever.

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