New Body Nutrition Launches Passion Formula For Valentine's Day!

Herbal supplement company New Body Nutrition has created an all-new, all natural sexual stimulant for him AND her to launch THIS Valentine's Day 2013! V-Day will never be the same.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Known for their quality herbal supplements, New Body Nutrition is branching out to provide a brand new sexual health enhancement formula just in time for Valentine’s Day!

PASSIONTONE is a unique herbal formula designed to increase sexual desire and naturally balance the hormones of men and women. “We found that treating only one partners sexual health is nowhere near as effective as helping the sexual organs of both partners", says Dr. Keith Richardson, founder of New Body Nutrition and creator of the revolutionary PASSIONTONE formula.

Dr. Richardson added that, “Passiontone is more than just a stimulant. The formula was intended to build long term vitality as opposed to a quick fix that's over in 3 or 4 hours like the majority of sexual enhancement products on the market."

PASSIONTONE was created to naturally increase libido with hormonal balancing herbs that enhance sexual desire & performance. This blend makes this product unique among its pharmaceutical alternatives which often come with a long list of dangerous side effects. With consistent use of PASSIONTONE, consumers will enjoy more balanced & satisfying sex lives.

The promotional campaign to launch the product is slated to start Feb.1st. To learn more about PASSIONTONE, visit New Body Nutrition online at


**If you have a store that celebrates intimacy, supports sexual wellness and inspires romantic imagination, New Body Nutrition wants to team up with you! Sensual pleasure and the fulfillment of desire are essential to a well-lived life. Passiontone will not only enhance intimacy and romance, but offer you an opportunity to build your business as you partner with us in our mission to abolish mattress monotony! **