Easy on your back and with bio-degradable bags, Catch-A-Poop will make your clean up easier

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – South Hackensack, New Jersey – Owning a dog is a big commitment for you and your family. With that commitment, there is a lot of responsibility. Taking care of yourself and your kids is no different when you add a dog to your family. You need to show your pet a lot of love, feed them properly, and make sure they get the right amount of exercise daily; and then the all time family favorite – poop cleanup! Walking your dog and cleaning up after them is not something everyone jumps at the chance to volunteer for, but as dreaded of a chore it is, dog owners have to act responsibly. Dog waste contaminates the ground and becomes a means of passing intestinal parasites and infections to dogs and to people. That is just one of the many reasons why it is important to clean up after your dog.

While there are various cleanup methods, there is now a new device available that will eliminate all those reasons why everyone runs in the other direction to complete this task. Catch-A-Poop is an innovative new hands-free way to clean up after your dog. This environmentally friendly device comes with bio-degradable bags that will automatically seal ready for disposal with no messy clean up. No mess is left on the sidewalks and it keeps your dogs away from all of those nasty germs. Another great feature is the adjustable pole. Anyone that has back issues, an elderly person, or just someone that just wants to stay clear of their pooches poop, this is a great device for them. Catch-A-Poop retails for $24.95 (plus shipping and handling) with 30 free bags with every order!

Why use Catch-A-Poop?

• Easy on your back – with its adjustable pole (27-45 inches long) no bending over!
• Bio-degradable bags.
• Includes a convenient handle to catch and seal the bag shut!
• Germ-free for your hands and stain-free for the sidewalks.

The following are just a few really good reasons why you should clean up after your dog, and using a product like Catch-A-Poop will make this effort a whole lot easier:

• Dog poop is NOT good fertilizer. It’s toxic to your lawn! The high nutrient concentration in dog poop will burn and discolor the grass, creating “hot spots”.
• Dog poop doesn’t just “wash away” or disappear. So if you’re not disposing of your dog’s waste, you’re putting yourself, your family, your dog and your water supply at risk.
• Dog waste accumulation can attract mice and parasites.
• It’s vital for you and your pet’s health to keep your environment clean. Not only can you get sick from old dog poop, but so can your children, who play in the yard, and are more susceptible to disease.
• It will reduce the amount of germs and bacteria that are brought into your home.
• One pile of dog poop can take a year or more to fully breakdown.
• Be a responsible dog owner!

Joey Villani, Celebrity Pet Groomer endorses only one pet tool: Catch-A-Poop! Because after 35 years of grooming dogs, numerous TV appearances and training thousands of groomers at the Nash Academy of Animal Arts he says “you have to walk your dog every day, so why not make it clean and simple,” says Villani.
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About Catch-A-Poop
Catch-A-Poop was invented by a man in New Jersey who wanted to find an easier way for his grandmother to walk her dog. She struggled with picking up after her pet because she had a hard time bending over. The adjustable pole is ideal for seniors and for anyone with back issues. It adjusts to your height so you never have to bend. And the bag is great to keep away those nasty germs, and the bonus of the bag is that it is bio-degradable, good for the environment!
Catch-A-Poop – The germ and stain free way to clean up after your dog…no mess!

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