Corporate Turnaround Specialist, Lonnie Sciambi Selects Innovative Publishing Firm To Launch Book

Sciambi, also known as “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” for his documented success as a turnaround specialist,” is the author of “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success.” In it, he lays out easy-to-understand strategies that help entrepreneurs succeed.

Online PR News – 07-February-2013 – Raleigh,NC – A new chapter: Publishing Unleashed, a new-age, non-traditional publishing venture that partners with authors, helping them leverage content through professional distribution channels and gain financial independence—all while retaining intellectual property rights, announced today its partnership with “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success” author Lonnie Sciambi.

"It’s a win-win for both of us," says Publishing Unleashed spokesperson Isaac Navias. “Lonnie [Sciambi] brings an undeniable wealth of experience and talent to the table. We are delighted to publish his works.”

Sciambi, also known as "The Entrepreneur's Yoda" for his documented success as a turnaround specialist,” is the author of several books including his latest installment, “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success.” In it, he lays out easy-to-understand strategies that help entrepreneurs navigate the business growth cycle, while avoiding costly missteps and overcoming common barriers to success.

It’s a win-win for both of us

In an online review of “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success,” Charlie Newman writes, “As another gray-haired, business veteran with 40-plus years’ experience under my belt, I found Lonnie Sciambi's book very much on target. It touches upon all of the key elements every business person needs to address if they are going to succeed over the long-term.”

Succeeding over the long-term is something Sciambi knows well. Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience owning and operating companies, both public and private, across diverse industries, he is no stranger to the concepts of success... and failure. From humble beginnings at IBM to senior management positions with Citicorp and EDS, he would go on to spearhead a series of successful turnarounds for eight small companies (all under $25 million) in disparate markets. He also founded, grew and sold two of his own companies along the way.

Sciambi fills the pages of “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success” with “in-your-face” advice that is “long on candor, short on catchy buzzwords.” Another online reviewer, Robert A. Molluro Sr., writes, “The Harvard Business School professors could learn from this master. I would recommend this book to anyone who is an entrepreneur or who is contemplating becoming one. When you model yourself after people who have a demonstrated track record of success, you have minimized your learning curve and reduced the time and expense of implementation considerably.”

Embraced by many authors such as Sciambi, the Publishing Unleashed model is one of empowerment, in that authors maintain their intellectual property and creative control while having a publisher at the same time. “The publishing landscape has changed,” Navias continues. “We provide our 'authorpreneurs' the maximum opportunity to monetize their content and the financial independence to retain more of their royalties than other models, including many self-publishing sites.”

To celebrate the new Publishing Unleashed partnership, Lonnie Sciambi’s “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success” is available at the promotional e-book price of $4.99 from $9.99 and the book price of $14.99 from $24.95, starting Thursday, February 7 and running through February 14. Purchase copies of “Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success” through

Lonnie Sciambi can be reached for comment via his website (

About Publishing Unleashed:
Publishing Unleashed provides its ‘authorpreneur’ publishing partners with a variety of tools to ensure success, including writing coaching and ghostwriting, editorial and design services and comprehensive promotional marketing. The company’s non-traditional model is designed to help authors set goals and timelines to guarantee a professional looking book, access proper distribution channels and implement a solid promotional plan. The company promises to review manuscripts within days, and if accepted, publish books within weeks.

Media Contact:
Isaac Navias
Publishing Unleashed

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