Rock Star U Links Women with Today’s Top Achievers to Reveal Secrets of Success

Emmy-nominated TV personality, best-selling author, and Olympian – among others – speak to women about how to create extraordinary results in their lives in upcoming virtual tele-summit

Online PR News – 01-May-2010 – – HOUSTON, TX – Rock Star U announced today that it will be hosting the World Tour of Success Virtual Conference & Tele-summit May 4, 5, and 6. Presented by motivational speakers and success coaches Andrea Kulberg, M.Ed. and her twin sister Aly Calvo, this virtual conference is designed to show women how to define their own levels of success, identify their styles of personal leadership, and create long-lasting positive results as mothers, wives, and working professionals.

Top-achieving speakers from all over the United States will be presenting throughout summit: author and 2-time Emmy-nominated TV personality Judge Glenda Hatchett; 4-time Olympic luge athlete and author Ruben Gonzalez; and 7-time New York Times best-selling author Peggy McColl are among the 15 high-profile guests scheduled to present at the event.

"We are so excited about the personal and professional lives that are about to be changed though the World Tour of Success experience,” says Andrea. “It's really a slam-dunk virtual conference because the speaker content is so outstanding and so relevant. And, we've brought in a visual component like we've never seen before. It's truly an event that levels the playing field for every entrepreneur and anyone seeking self-improvement."

Costs are $25 to attend the May 4 presentations and $50 for the three-day, all-access pass May 4, 5, and 6. Attendees may view the conference via the Internet or listen live on the telephone. Participants who cannot take part in the interactive sessions will have access to the recorded event. Interested individuals may view a free “sneak peek” of the conference here:

About Rock Star U

Founders Aly and Andrea’s most notable success began in 1973 when as newborns – born two and-a-half months too soon and weighing just two pounds each – defied all odds and lived through the night – something their doctors said would never happen. Today, they show women how to beat the odds against all odds, rewrite the scripts of their lives, and create personal and professional success on all levels.

Identical twins Aly and Andrea are motivational speakers and success coaches with a passion for helping people find their inner "Rock Star" qualities to create their very own "World Tour of Success." Having overcome their own adversities such as premature birth, blindness, poverty, and even kidney cancer, Aly and Andrea share their victories with the world in surround sound. They celebrate individual and "twin" accomplishments, including becoming All-American athletes, an international business owner, Olympic Torch bearer, commercial actress/spokesperson, author, speaker, cancer survivor, and their favorite title: Mom.