New Live Animal Wallpaper Apps Released For Dynamic Alternating Background of Your Screens

Alphonse Hanley

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – new york – January 31, 2013 - Now, a new android app is released which brings hundreds of HD quality live wallpaper of cute baby animals such as puppies and kittens to turn the background of an android device more dynamic and lively. The app is freely available for download and one can install the application on an android device and choose a particular set of best quality lovely animal images to be displayed as wallpaper. Interestingly, all images can alternate by choosing a fixed transition time, so that the background will showcase different sweet animals on a rotational basis. The creator of this app reveals that there could be several applications available which can provide a static background only. Thus, they claim that their app is unique, which allow users to maintain a dynamism of their android device with lively changing animal wallpapers. This unique feature is behind the growing popularity of the app and the growing number of downloads. Moreover, this feature-rich app allows users to adorn their devices with a number of lovely animal images with perfect optical effects that ensure ideal picture quality. A user always loves the live animal wallpapers with perfect sparkle and glare that ensures a visual pleasure to the onlookers. One of the users who has downloaded and installed this free live wallpaper on his device appreciated the program for bringing sweet baby-pets and pups that cheer up his mood whenever he happens to look at them. He says, "It is real fun to have such cute animals on your phone. It can lighten up your bad mood and you become happy and cheerful. All of my friends now have this android live wallpaper on their devices." The creators of the app have made extra efforts to include high-quality unique animal images that one won't have seen before. According to them, kittens and puppies are loved by everyone throughout the globe. Not only children but adults too love these cute baby animals. This is the reason why they decided to create a number of cute animal images and made them an adorable collection to be part of the app. Many independent android apps reviewers have appreciated this free live wallpaper app for setting new quality standards by including some of the unique features such as excellent glare touch and sound effects. It's not an ordinary slideshow but the amazing picture quality and liveliness makes it a happening app to be downloaded. If you too want to download this free app on your android device, please visit the link .About Live Animal Wallpaper App The Live Animal Wallpaper App is available for free for the android devices. Anyone can download the application and install on his or her device for free. All these wallpapers have been categorized under various categories such as Dog Licker Live Wallpaper, Dog Screen Cleaner, Cat Licks Live Wallpapered etc, which one can choose as per own choice. Media Contact:Should you have any question, or want to know more about the free live wallpaper app, you can contact Jim Storagh at: (0) 664 98986574