Naperville French Tutor Excels Bilingualism with Individual Instruction

Naperville French Tutor and native speaker Anne Cottez-Jones of NaperFrench, is helping children, teens and adults excel in learning the French language with a customized curriculum and individual instruction.

Online PR News – 05-February-2013 – NAPERVILLE, IL – Children, teens and adults in the Naperville area are becoming increasingly fluent in French, thanks to the one-one-one French language instruction of Anne Cottez-Jones of NaperFrench in Naperville, IL.

“While children and teens typically learn French in a group setting, I believe the best progress can be made one-on-one,” she said. Cottez-Jones is a native of France who settled in America about 20 years ago. She began offering one-on-one tutoring in 2004 after personally observing the challenges of teaching French to children in a group setting.

French can be difficult to speak and students are often intimidated to try in class for fear of making a mistake

“French can be difficult to speak and students are often intimidated to try in class for fear of making a mistake,” she said. “At NaperFrench, they are given individual instruction. They gain confidence and I can hear and correct their accent too.” Cottez has constructed her own curriculum which fully immerses her students in speaking and listening so they get as much practice as possible within their lesson, which is typically an hour-long session held once a week.

Cottez-Jones currently tutors about 42 students made up of children, teens and adults. Each group has a different expectation from French tutoring. “The children who come to me usually have parents who are bilingual and believe it is important to learn another language,” she said. “They have taken a group class elsewhere and now want more intense instruction.”

The teens at NaperFrench may be struggling through a foreign language requirement needed to get into the college of their choice. Cottez-Jones supplements her instruction with games and topics of discussion of interest to the teens. “Most teens start coming to me because they are getting low grades in their French class. It’s great to see them bring in their A’s, then still want to keep coming to class because they think it’s so fun!” she said.

There is also a rising population of adults enrolling in her classes. “They aren’t doing it for travel or business,” Cottez-Jones said. “They are doing it for themselves. Sometimes all they wanted to do was learn French and now they have time to do it.”

In addition to being a fun thing to do, learning French is also good for the mind at any age, said Cottez-Jones. An article in the New York Times stated that bilingualism actually makes you smarter. Learning another language develops the part of the brain that helps us problem solve and monitor our environment when many things are competing for our attention. The article also cited a study about bilingualism and the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s which concluded that the higher the degree of bilingualism in the subject, the later the age of onset.

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