AEGLO™ Launches Flaxus™, the World’s First Wearable Stylus Product

Flaxus™- The Trendy Fashion Accessory with a Tech Slant

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – 2/5/2013, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) – Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) AEGLO™, a Hong Kong Based gizmo brand specializing in the creation of unique and functional touch screen device accessories, recently launched Flaxus, the world's first wearable stylus product.

Stylus products are needed to properly utilize most touch screen devices. Some of the common uses of a stylus include drawing, online search navigation, presentation design, note-taking, sketching and even gaming.

"The global stylus market currently consists of 'pen' shaped items that require users to carry them in their pockets or bags, which can be not only cumbersome, but uncomfortable and distracting. We set out to design a functional stylus that could double as a bracelet, solving the complaints filed by many former users. With Flaxus, the stylus can be placed on the user's wrist when they are on the move," said one of the company's founders.

AEGLO's revolutionary Flaxus product doubles as a stylus for all mainstream touch screen devices and as a wearable, fashion bracelet. The Flaxus product line is truly one-of-a kind; it is functional while eye catching.

Flaxus stylus products are designed to be uni-sex. Its first collection entitled "CHEZZ" is currently testing in 7 vibrant colors (Raven Black, Arctic White, Maroon Pink, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Khaki Yellow and Cadmium Orange). Each stylus has been forged out of premium grade silicone, which is easily washable and provides for extended user wear and tear. The Flaxus' stylus line is compatible with all touch screen devices.

When users aren't putting the stylus' functionality to good use with their touch screen device, they can sport the latest trend in fashion by wearing the flexible stylus on their wrist.

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About AEGLO™

AEGLO is a Hong Kong based gizmo brand that focus on making unique and functional accessories for touch screen devices. AEGLO™, a trademark of Inno Lifestyles Ltd., currently serves as the official store for all of the organization's smart device accessories, including the newly launched Flaxus stylus line.

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