signs Yana Gupta to endorse its Premium Email Services
02/06/2013 has brought in Yana Gupta as its brand ambassador for premium email services which includes shortest email ids and universal login system.

Online PR News – 06-February-2013 – Ludhiana/Punjab – Yana Gupta, a world renowned supermodel has endorsed was so impressed with the services at, that she has already booked a premium email ID:

Guava Softs Ltd, a city based Software services company will be launching premium email services portal on the 14th of February 2013.

Being known as a city of Entrepreneurs, 'Ludhiana' was recently voted as the best place to do business in India.

It is of little wonder then that an online revolution called has also started from here.

There are many benefits of creating email accounts at

In an online age, when almost every imaginable domain is already booked or used by someone else,there is hardly anything that one finds to represent himself. has come up with a solution to this concern. You can create your email at own choice of unique domain.

The characteristic that makes this email service stand out from other behemoths like Yahoo!,Gmail, Hotmail etc, is that users have the option of choosing their .biz domain; thereby leaving their personal and unique footprint in the online space.

Now, it is even possible to create the shortest email ID i.e single letter domains like

Another feature that adds a lot of value to an account is that you have the option of logging in to any of your email accounts from a single browser window.
Gone are the days of opening separate browser windows for reading mail.

It makes use of the Universal Login concept, to provide you access to all your mails.

Synchronize your contacts by using Sync Contact, make note of important dates with the help of Calendar option and personalize your email experience by choosing your choice of color theme.

All you have to do is wait till 14th February!