Google Phone on Vodafone Deals - Google Nexus One Released

The new Google Nexus One has now been launched ona range of Vodafone deals in the UK, the Google Nexus One has joined the competing HTC Desire on the network and Phones Limited are now comparing deals for both handsets.

Online PR News – 30-April-2010 – – The new Nexus One 'super phone' has now been launched on Vodafone, this is the Google phone to be sold directly by the internet company and has been available since February as a SIM Free device.

Now the Google Nexus One is available on a range of pay monthly Vodafone deals and with the added network subsidy is available free to consumers.

This is the first time that the Nexus One has been released by any UK network, up until now consumers had to buy the new Google phone as a SIM Free handset and then either use their existing SIM card or order a new Pay As You Go or contract SIM card to use in their phone.

Vodafone are the only network operator to have the exclusive rights to sell the Nexus One with a network connection in the UK, this latest Google phone is being marketed as a 'Super Phone' but already faces stiff competition from rival handsets.

The Nexus One is actually manufactured by HTC who have also now released their own version of this handset called the HTC Desire, the differences are stark with the new Desire trumping the Google phone in many areas.

Firstly the Google Nexus One uses the older style track ball for physical menu navigation which is prone to wear over time whilst the HTC Desire incorporates the manufacturers latest TrackPad technology which acts like an optical mouse with the user swiping their finger across the pad.

Secondly the HTC Desire is able to support Flash 10.1 whilst the Nexus One does not, although not overly important it does mean that Desire users will be able to view many more websites.

HTC have also included their Sense user interface into their own Desire model which is renowned as a smooth user experience, the Desire also incorporates the latest FriendStream application which is also present in their new HTC Legend model, this brings together social networking updates, emails, IMs and text messages from the users contacts list into a continuous stream keeping the user fully up to date with their friends conversations and online activity.

Features that remain the same throughout both models include the 3.7 inch AMOLED touch scree, powerful 1GHz processor, 5.0 mega pixel camera and obvious access and support for the Android Market thanks to the Android v2.1 operating system.

The screen size and processing speed of the Nexus One and Desire models is only matched by the recently released HTC HD2, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Samsung Wave models whilst the camera resolution is now pretty standard for mid to top range models including the Nokia N900, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia X6, LG BL40 and Motorola Milestone.

There is no news as to how long if at all the exclusive launch period of the Google Nexus One is on the Vodafone network and as to whether other network operators will eventually be able to sell this new Google phone.

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